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Dark Night Records: The Study (Podcast)

Episode 002 - Money and Fanaticism in Sports, Verizon Employee Strike For Fair Wages

Posted on April 30, 2016 with 0 comments
THE STUDY Episode 002 - Co-Hosted by BONEZ and DEUCE - Dark Night Records

In our second episode we discuss the ongoing Verizon employee fair wage strike. Some employees from the Richmond Highway store talked to us and gave us a flyer so that we may help shine some light on their fight for living wages.

Episode 002 also features a major (and ongoing) discussion about SPORTS. Yes, sports. We talk about how sports find their way into our homes and even become part of our lives. Whether it's learning to enjoy sports once again as an adult, getting involved with our kids and their athletic aspirations, the amount of time and energy we put into watching and supporting "professional" sports, and obscene salaries.

We thank you for joining us for Episode 002

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