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Feel Me Flow Friday - FIREMAN

Posted on April 12, 2018 with 0 comments
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Dark Night Records
#FeelMeFlowFriday 04-13-2018 :
This week … we also do a #FBF to 'FIREMAN' from 'Land of the Greed, Home of the Raged: DNR MixTape vol.1'
Respect & credit: Original by Lil Wayne from 'The Carter II'

What did you think of my dicking around with Wayne's joint? What joint would you want me to do a parody of? Comment below.

Feel Me Flow Friday is about doing what YOU love, doing what makes YOU "feel alive" (old language) in whatever capacity you can afford. Do it today, do it now, do it because fuck-it - you don't need a reason. Text someone you haven't reached out to in a minute because you love to feel like the kind of person who checks up on your peeps when you can. Write a verse even if you don't finish it. Do some push ups or stretch because you haven't done so in a while & you know you want to.

I get a kick out of packin' a bowl & then taking another emcee's verse - usually one that I actually enjoy - and see if I can put my own spin on it. And whether it's playing with cadence or re-scrambling rhymes & words - the shit is fun to me.

You're alive & things could be worse. Do what you love & FLOW-motion mOfOs.

That's all for now. Be a badass cuz the people around you sorely need one right now. GO TO WORK!


P.S., Special shout out to 'One Gangsta Robot' for this work of art reflecting life. His video 'Draw My Life' is Hiphop as fuck & I just want my lil' brother from another to know that. Flow on Bubby.

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