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Dark Night Records: DNR Blog

Thanks for being here...

Posted on April 7, 2018 with 0 comments
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Dark Night Records
Welcome back to the DNR BLOG mi gente. It's been too long, where do we begin? ...and we'll keep this one relatively short. Let's talk some shit...

This section of DNR was formerly reserved for 'THE STUDY'(which can still be found in HERE) but it seemed pointless to dedicate two different sections of the website to the same content. So, the DNR blog will feature content different than 'THE STUDY' and all other DNR online presence. This blog will be a little more of an intimate chat between us without all the noise the internet & smartphones often bring our way.

What are your thoughts on social media in 2018?

First, let me say that in this day & age of social media and smart phones - we have an overabundance of content flooding our feeds from all directions and it can be as overwhelming as it can be uninteresting. So, for this blog, we're gonna step out of the realm of facebook, instagram, youtube, snapchat (all powerful & fun tools) and have this space here to block out the noise while we have a little chat.

Dark Night Records
Now, some may have taken notice to last week's semi-introduction to #MusicMonday, #ToastToTheDeadTuesday, #ThanksgivingThursday and #FeelMeFlowFriday. There's just straigh up I appreciate you busy muth-fOckers taking a little time out of your hustle to be here. These #hashtags are intended to simply turn down the noise a little bit - using old language. The era of scrolling, blocking, cyber-bullying & just overall shouting online has become so toxic. We'll address the #hashtags more in a later post. Moving on.

So anyway - welcome back. Like I said, I love y'all for being here & joining me here in this "cone of silence" type space for u Maxwell Smart knowing peeps. #80sBabies.

Peace & feel free to browse around the (old language) freshly-polished & newly un-broken links to shit here & there tabs always on the upper left.

Also, before we conclude, I wanna give a quick shout out to my brother Coach Berto who started his new blog at about his experience as a youth softball coach. Click the image below to check it out.

Coach Berto's Dugout
Now go do what you love with respect to your grind & have a beast of a life. Pz.


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