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People Don't Give A Shit About You

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06-25-2018 : ‘People Don’t Give A Shit About You’

“People are not interested in you. That’s a hard thing to learn. People really don’t give a shit about you. … People only give a shit about extensionality.” - Jacque Fresco (Classic Lecture Series, Disc 19: Myth of Communication, Seeking Acceptance 25:21)

Well, of course WE know people who give various degrees of a shit about US in various areas - that language would be more precise. However, in general - I’d say that “People really don’t give a shit about you.” is Hawkeye precise.
Ask yourself - for example - how often to people stop to help a homeless person? What percentage of people pitch dollars to street musicians they enjoy? Wanna take a guess - on average - if someone will intervene with a person getting physically assaulted? And how often do great ideas connect with a core audience the first go round? …or the 2nd? …or the 200th?
People really (too often) don’t even give a serious shit about themselves either. How can we even begin accumulating shits to be given without first making frequent deposits in our own piggy-bank of given shits? How many people “know” to “Eat right, sleep right, exercise, avoid stress, etc.”…? How many people give enough of a shit to begin an action pattern that permits them to follow through on it?

But people not giving a shit about you or me is NOT a terrible thing in & of itself. In fact, I’d say it’s a great starting point for constructive communication. I would say the habits of not seeking approval from people, expecting nothing from others, and understanding that all of us (everything I say/write goes double for me) are recovering from some forms of indoctrination are key ingredients in the magnum opus of what people refer to as “a clean slate.”
It’s hard enough to get people to give a shit about things that genuinely merit a shit or two in the first place. How many of us engaged in dialogue over the weekend about a Florida jury recently awarding a grand total in damages of FOUR CENTS to the surviving family of a black father shot by a Sheriff’s Deputy? Did anyone mention - at halftime of the World Cup perhaps - ‘The Empire Files’ report on the apparent flagrant misinformational bits of Jon Oliver’s recent segment discussing the state of Venezuela? Maybe someone you spent time with recently couldn’t help but show you their copy of Michael Eric Dyson’s new book ‘What Truth Sounds Like’, or recap his interviews on ‘Breakfast Club’ & ‘Democracy Now!’? And perhaps the discussion went into thoughts on Dyson calling Jordan Peterson a “Mean, Mad White Man”. Or, because we know how much people love to have the word “vegan” stirred into their weekend conversations, … what’s the latest in the social circle on the ‘Game Changers’ documentary? And since someone certainly mentioned in passing - what’s the consensus on how even “progressive” thinkers like Joe Rogan aren’t immune to cognitive dissonance when it comes to the topic of “vegan” as pointed out by Dr. Milton Mills on ‘Plant Based News’ or by the “Happy Healthy Vegan”?
It’s daunting & drudgerous as hell to keep up with all the fuckery in the world and I can’t blame anyone for not giving a general shit about shit. I’m with you - I generally don’t give a shit about crap or a crap about shit until I see how that crap is worth my shit or if it’s just a bunch of crap that doesn’t mean shit to me at the moment. What the hell do people expect us to say (with a beer in our hand and our phone in the other) about the US Military preparing 4 bases to hold 20,000 immigrant children? And do people really wanna turn the bridal shower conversation toward ‘Race In America’? Can you imagine? “So what do you think about the outrage over the murder of Antwon Rose?” I mean - who doesn’t like to debate whether it is or isn’t about race when white folk call the police on black men BBQing, or a little black girl selling water … right?
Anyway, KRS-One dropped a new album called ‘The World is Mind’ and it’s FiYaH!! So I guess all hope is not lost in the world after all, and some of you wonderful mOfOs actually give a shit. You are appreciated. Until next time mi gente.
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