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Thanksgiving Thursday -The Platform

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#ThanksgivingThursday 04-12-2018 : Giving thanks to the platform & the opportunity for expression. Because when we see something in this world that bothers us, we can choose to do nothing & we can also choose do something.
I was having a talk with someone yesterday about how people are so often putting all their hours of effort towards keeping from starving. Paying bills, caring for kids, pets, going to school, all these things can take up the majority of our time and energy leaving very little left over to dedicate to those things we know in the back of our minds we wish we could make more time for.
I'm not suggesting that people not sleep, I'm a big fan of people getting their sleep. In fact, I believe we'd have a more overall productive society if people got proper rest everyday - myself included. No, I'm not suggesting that people just "find the time" to do what they love. It can be a difficult enough thing to squeeze in just one hour of the day to dedicate entirely to ourselves & doing something that relieves daily anxiety for us.
This week we toasted George Carlin, and last week (on social media) we toasted Michael Jackson - two fellow human beings who got on a lot of stages in front of a lot of people to deliver a lot of messages that were incredibly important to them in exactly the style they wanted to deliver them. ... Run-on centences & general fuck-ups will be a common thing in the DNR Blog, I'm not an English major... And in the spirit of people like Michael, George, even MLK who said some very unpopular things in front of a lot of people & was assasinated 50 years ago as of this past April 4th, I'm grateful to live in the day and age of having a platform like never before.
The platform is not the music or art we produce. The platform also is not protesting and speaking out about the shortcomings of our social systems & what have you. Political activism and protesting falls very short of solutions in and of themselves anyway & I can understand people's decision to not get take interest in and/or get involved in that sort of thing at all. The platform is not where we are at our loudest, or even our most "clever" or "creative". To me, the platform is where we are the closest thing to the most honest version of ourselves we can be.
Our platform may be at our place of work, where we do great things for vulnerable people in need and feel great about many areas of that work. It may take the form of how honest and revealing one can be in their marriage, or in a friendship. The platform may be how we parent - our goofiest fuckin' selves crawling, rolling, miming, charading, gaming, dolling & anything else people swiss-army themselves for when being a hero to a little person. The platform may be the effort we put into our garden, or expression of values through dietary choices.
And in this day & age in particular, now more than ever, we can express ourselves in more ways each day and most of it can be done at our fingertips from our gadgets form just about anywhere in the world. We can blog while on vacation in Florence, Snapchat the laughs between friends, or go live at our kids' ball game for the family that couldn't make it due to obligations of playing monopoly for access to the basic necessities of life. Our platform, the degree of expression we have at our disposal, and the potential fuckery that can come from it (... relationships, employment & people's freedom have all fallen victim to catastrophically irresponsible social media fuckery that ends up costing people the things that matter most to them...) is a BIG hand that can bitch-slap us or lift & elevate us. The platform is not a good or bad thing in & of itself, it depends on what we do with it. Our platform can be our downfall - if we're not careful & respectful of it. I don't imagine any of us would want our kids to put all their eggs in the basket of becoming a YouTuber making videos about absolutely nothing with their friend who has no experience making a living for themselves or with anything else real in this world - just because they have access to that kind of platform.
I'm grateful for all the platforms I've had the opportunity to engage with, for all the people who have given me the time of day, and for those who came before me who left behind their experiences & life stories for us to dissect and learn from. And whether we're rocking the boat or not, rattling the cage or minding our damn business, we (most of us) engage every day on a platform like the human species has never known before us. It's a huge deal, a serious responsibility, and a tremendous privilege.
Thanks for reading my bullshit again. I love you for it.
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