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Dark Night Records: Albums / The Study

THE DEVICE: Dark Night Records MixTape vol.2

01- Down With The King

(D.N.A. (Technician, MSC, Crimsin, Bonez))

02- Encoded Frequencies

03- Lurk In Space

(D.N.A. (Technician, Bonez, 2 Men-E, Crimsin))

04- Sane Song

05- Some Days

06- Impossible

07- We Keep On

(D.N.A. (Technician, 2 Men-E, Bonez, Ms.Kandi))

08- Hallucination

09- What Ya Heard

10- Bad Listener

11- Early Morning

(D.N.A. (Bonez, Sino, 2 Men-E, MSC, Technician))

12- Bottoming Out

13- Parts Unknown

(D.N.A. (Bonez, Technician, Crimsin, Chris Live, Bobby Swagg))

14- Not To Be a Player

15- Kitty

16- Relinquish Some Delight

(D.N.A. (Technician, Illicit, Crimsin, Bonez))

17- Ancient and Limitless

18- Another Chapter

19- Desire and a Spark

20- Disastrophy

(D.N.A. (Sino, 2 Men-E, Technician, Bonez))

21- Godfather

(D.N.A. (Bonez, Technician, Ms.Kandi, 2 Men-E))

22- Two Rays of Joy

(D.N.A. (Technician, Bonez, Ms.Kandi & Orlando Sejas on drums))