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Dark Night Records: Albums / The Study

ONE MAN ARMY (clean version)

01- The Ram (intro) (clean version)

02- FlaVA (clean version)

03- Enough Is Enough

04- 2 Cents (clean version)

05- Our Time 2 Shine (clean version)

06- Fingaz Up (clean version)

(Bonez (aka DVS) ft. 2 Men-E & Technician)

07- Drunk By Myself (clean version)

08- Lust Story (clean version)

09- Let It Go (clean version)

(Bonez (aka DVS) ft. 2 Men-E, Technician & Ms.Kandi)

10- Only Want U (clean version)

(Bonez (aka DVS) ft. 2 Men-E)

11- Buck-N-Change (clean version)

12- Tomorrow (clean version)

(Bonez (aka DVS) ft. Ms.Kandi)

14- The Ram (clean radio edit) - FREE DOWNLOAD

15- FlaVA (remix) (clean version)

(Bonez (aka DVS) ft. Technician, Definition & 2 Men-E)