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The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2

by DNA

Released 2008
Dark Night Records
Released 2008
Dark Night Records
FREE DOWNLOAD: An empowering collection of artists & Hiphop sounds from the DMV. THE DEVICE brings back voices from Vol. 1 & flavor from old school & new school rap. Also check out 'Back-II-School' : DNR MixTape vol. 3. Reality-based Hiphop right here!
  • 03:15 Download Lyrics Down With The King

    - VERSE -
    Down with the king, the pres and prime minister/
    the clergy men and all them swine sinister/
    shit is uneven like prime intigers/
    let's make incisions, apply vinegar/
    administer vendetta when I spit a verse/
    process thoughts every second by the gigahertz/
    make these rich crackers say "Gee willikers"/
    a hoard of villagers surround their perimeter/
    I'm so high, you need an altimeter/
    to reach a mindstate that's even similar/
    my motormouth roars like 12 cylinders/
    I dot my i's and my L's are perpendicular/
    I cross my T's and breeze through these syllables/
    highjack the industry like John Dillenger/
    life's a bitch, bet I stick a dick in her/
    don't want a fanbase, I want some listeners/
    America is full of narrow minded prisoners/
    every word I speak, treated like a visitor/
    never gullible, be an inquisitor/
    don't seek permission from a crooked ass commisioner/

    - VERSE -
    It's Saturday night, the party just begun/
    I'm already drunk off my ass tryin' to have a little fun/
    swinging two blunts like sparklers/
    lookin' for the hottest chick on the dance floor, to get on top of her/
    when I drink too much, niggaz - they can't stand me/
    I show my ass worse than O.D.B. did at the Grammy's/
    I got an evil streak that lives inside of me/
    calm one sec, the next - I'm up beatin' your ass violently/
    quit eyein' me son, why I think you tryin' me?/
    let's see if you can breathe at the bottom of the sea/
    whack emcees sweatin' techniques/
    duck down & hidin' behind cliched races of whack ass beats/
    y'all 'bout to get paid a visit by the lyrical police/
    in one last effort to restore Hip-Hop's peace/
    so if you're rhyming and you get rushed by twenty armed men/
    it's not because you suck, just fit the description/

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -
    Two years ago Mr. Henry's mind/
    got sick of rappers' empty rhymes/
    so I said this rhyme I'm about to say/
    and you either down to stay/
    or get up out the way/
    Yo, down with these manufactured, bogus-ass counterfit/
    make believe, wannabe, self-elected, coward-bitch/
    "kings" of the south, "kings" of the NYC/
    4th grade writing skills, unenlightening/
    record label puppets, y'all could never be conscious/
    you ain't runnin' shit but popularity contests/
    let's have a little talk, pull up a chair and be honest/
    man I'm dead serious like a terrorist bomb threat/
    if you're a king, what kind of legacy you leaving?/
    you ain't lead no revolution where the enemy's retreating/
    if you're a king, why you pimpin' the community?/
    you're all about dollars, that's the difference between you and me/
    if you're a king, why you want World War IV?/
    we're out here poor, and you get more, more, more/
    money in the bank, you ain't nothing but a celebrity/
    a five year fad, what a fucked up legacy/

  • 03:26 Download Lyrics Encoded Frequencies

    - VERSE -
    Rarely take a hastey paste, build my base/
    and foundation, case the place, analyze these shady states/
    then I move strategically, sabatoge the regency/
    encoded frequencies that only my peepz can see/
    the decadent demon breed proceed with no decency/
    see 'em on the streets and I release the beast in me/
    THC, psylo-sibin, psychoactive style I'm spittin' mile a minute/
    overdosing, comatising, someone please dial a clinic/
    dead weight, body numb, killuminati come/
    and leave 'em breathless like a rotting lung/
    gotta smoke less amounts, stop stressin' out/
    to pay Uncle Sam back I write checks that bounce/
    so fine and devout is my wifey, my spouse/
    she's the heart of the house, now spark up an ounce/
    then write, then pronounce, then strike with a pounce/
    Kitty, fight with a mouse, cuz a rat is a traitor/
    straight hater, perpetrator, never cater to a suit and tie/
    they get rich, troops just die, train to see truth and lie/
    we will find proof in time, Professor NeutonStein/
    looping rhymes, written stacks, rippin' tracks, giving back/
    driven mad, ass kissers sniffin' crack, lick and lap/
    fecal traces, office spaces filled with evil faces

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -
    I spit verses like Matrix code, too complex for teeny boppers/
    braindead already, don't even exist, nobody needs to pop ya/
    D.N.A. - seasoned roster, do it again even hotter/
    genetic defective, beanie-copter bamma rappers - please just stop it/
    we need balance like a Hattori Hanzo sword/
    I'm rich with the rhymes like the lottery, rhymes galore/
    you small time Geico lizards tryin' to be dinosaurs/
    big ballers at the club, party from 9 to 4/
    transmitting morse code, fire travels scortched roads/
    lighters let us torch bowls, tighter than some cornrows/
    rhyme and make the storm blow, dive into the 4th row/
    mind entered and door closed, wildin' like a court show/
    watch ya back, friend or foe? Encoded Frequencies/
    better half help me grow, sent forth to be with me/
    give me strength to persevere through hard times, hurt and tears/
    keepin' away from the popo cuz I ain't tryin' to do no 30 years/

  • 03:38 Download Lyrics Lurk In Space

    - VERSE -
    Gravityboy, lurking in space/
    observing the race, descend with grace/
    twirling a place, tossin' a car/
    hurling a gate, you burn in my wake/
    elevate with herbal intake, circle the states/
    never let the vermin escape/
    the rest of us to permanent grace/
    Sattelite Souls, not Serpent and Snake/
    prey on those who murder and rape/
    pray for foes in service of faith/
    succumb to fate, purpose to shape/
    rid the earth of scourges and plagues/
    pound the ground and surface a quake/
    courts to bits and churches to flakes/
    Uncle Sam perverse and insane/
    steal every thing a person attains/
    submerging in pain, cursing in slang/
    bursting a vein, surge in the brain/
    words disperse in circuits and chains/
    traversing the plains/

    - VERSE -
    No mercy for molestors and predators, let 'em burn/
    locking 'em up and throwing them into rehab - they'll never learn/
    and as long as salary increase/
    for these faggot ass police/
    all these cowards and these beasts/
    posing hazard for the streets/
    they wanna see us in debt/
    keep us in check/
    cut all our throats to bleed from the neck/
    we're under no-reason arrest/
    they owe all of you and me some respect/
    to them - all of us guilty until proven otherwise/
    so that's how I see them, tainting evidence and tellin' us tons of lies/
    ain't nothing but a gang of criminals/
    creating a system of pimps and hoes/
    jerkin' us from our homes and workin' us to the bone for the minimal
    I'm hoping to see a nation of Batmans and Vendetta Vs/
    united and strong, unleashing a master plan on our enemies/
    revolutionary Robin Hoods, Bravehearts, and Boondock Saints/
    taking back from the rich and murdering all those who enslave/
    people for power, who praise the almighty dollar sign
    fingaz up to the oppresor high, where do you draw the line?/

    - VERSE -
    Step to the scene, I'm King'a Konging/
    trampolining all up on your/
    dome until the skull disforms/
    the form of how the brain is forming/
    run with cats that never leave/
    they only dormant, lurking the area/
    pouncing as tigers, teeth of a Saber/
    liable to devour the body of ignorance/
    being headed with power that doesn't need it/
    'cause we want the babies to succeed'em/

    - VERSE -

  • 03:00 Download Lyrics Sane Song

    - VERSE -
    To you she is wise and full of pride/
    though true she is dying inside/
    from pain that hides/
    behind smiles and a stride/
    that sheilds the eyes/
    of those passing her by/
    physically, and emotionally beaten, bruised and battered/
    this woman was shattered/
    by every man that to her ever mattered/
    her confidence damaged, her heart broken beyond repair/
    this woman, look closely, she's there/

    - VERSE -
    It's hard for a woman to make it in a man's world/
    dad's girl lost, searching for an answer/
    flows like a rapper, moves like a dancer/
    not a simple secretary, that's for damn sure/
    but they write her off as an amateur/
    question her strength, question her character/
    she's a lioness, not a weaker sex/
    all the men in her life just supplying stress/
    beat down and cheated on, still surviving - yes/
    free from the spider's web, flee to a brighter new/
    dear Popz, she strides on her own two/
    lose to a man is something that she won't do/
    tried to be good to you, but it's no use/
    your heart is so dark, look and find a blown fuse/
    loving daddy? no - you were so abusive/
    she grew and she moved, need to get a clue prick/
    she's got a plan, check the damn blueprint/
    judge all you want, we all know the true script/
    keep the two cents flying from your loose lips/
    you don't understand words leave her bruised, quit/
    she's cried enough, explodes from the slightest touch/
    no one ever tells you life can be quite as rough/

    - VERSE -
    Bammaz with no game, and no respect driving up/
    actin' fools, high and drunk/
    louder than a fire truck/
    these "tough" guys like to cause masterful hurting/
    but they couldn't bare the weight of even half of her burden/
    man she's so sensitive behind the powerful surface/
    she's been through so much, you might think she's sour for certain/
    but she smiles everyday cuz it's not worth the tears/
    from these hatin' ass chickens, and these cocks full of beer/
    like "wsup shawty!", "hey baby!", "hola mamacita!"/
    some coward that'll down a 40oz. and probably beat ya/
    not concerned with anything except their favorite sports team/
    scarred, but not afraid to fly, my angel with torn wings/
    knows what she deserves so she waits for the right man/
    until then she's focused, never strays from her tight plan/
    takes herself serious, she's never play-dated/
    though she's been hurt she's too smart to choose to stay jaded/
    doesn't generalize, reads and keeps an open mind/
    the kind of grown woman any grown man could hope to find/
    independent, smart, and she look out for her peepz/
    not like that bird on the corner who shout in the streets/
    she's got a mind of her own, loud and proud when she speaks/
    she don't walk around with a piece because she's down with some peace/
    she's come a long way from black eyes with a ring around/
    and you can hate all you want, but you'll never bring her down/
    do your thang baby girl, keep ya head up and stay strong/
    it's a crazy world, so I'm-a play you a sane song/

    - VERSE -
    Scarred, but never ashamed,/
    her pain has brought her gain/
    giving birth to change/
    and though life has molded her/
    and she is not quite the same/
    unbreakable, this woman - she remains/

  • 03:40 Download Lyrics Some Days

    - VERSE -
    Some days are fuckin' bad/
    black cats cross your path/
    suffering like succotash/
    don't got a buck in cash/
    so we puff, puff and pass/
    float like some hovercrafts/
    destined to be upperclass/
    call me Mr. Rubber Ass/
    cuz I fall and bounce back/
    swiping cheese from mouse traps/
    clever wit, so scary/
    Jerry on you house cats/
    Itchy on you Scratchy fucks/
    Bugs on you Daffy ducks/
    Laffy Taffy sucks dick/
    strictly for you trampy sluts/
    gotta set priorities/
    some things mean more to me/
    disciplined and orderly/
    fate has afforded me/
    abilities, scorcery/
    souls re-enforcing me/
    baby boy is orbiting/
    perpetual and rotary/
    lost in purgatory, roam the globe immortaly/
    larger than life, but in my heart - portably/
    so long live your memory/
    cherish y'all sincerely/
    suffering unbearably/
    Shadow and Gravity, we'll always be a family/
    God's devine strategy, a blessing and a tragedy/

    - VERSE -
    Some days are fuckin' chores/
    all these things we can't afford/
    the rich laughing at the poor/
    we laugh right back & forth/
    I'll never settle, work to do/
    forever be demanding more/
    of myself, planning more/
    see the world, travel towards/
    paradise, though non-existent in the physical/
    this ol' individual isn't hoping for a miracle/
    nobody answers prayers except ya god damn self/
    to understand inner fear/
    just check the man in the mirror/
    know his strengths and his weaknesses, temptations and bad habits/
    get all your priorities straight, not ass backwards/
    learn the lessons of taking losses/
    you're stressing, but you're feelin' me/
    remember where you come from/
    the blessings of humility/
    spit it like an ill emcee/
    and live to see infinity/
    I make long term plans & tweak 'em every minute chief/
    bloody-roar, inner beast/
    physically in misery/
    blazing 'til my spirit be/
    written in the histories/
    I hope to make somebody proud/
    voice cracked, spit it loud/
    giving birth - wicked sound/
    holla if you're in the clouds/

    - VERSE -

  • 04:04 Download Lyrics Impossible

    - VERSE -
    They say it's impossible, I say that it's probable/
    everything I spit, dawg I say it's too hot 4 you/
    shut this shit down when I came for the top of you/
    so I hope you lame niggaz came with a lot of you/
    I'm bigger than niggaz that's peelin' the triggers/
    and killin' you quicker, I spit it that sicker/
    and gettin' my figures to get me a-richer/
    sick to the shit and I'm flippin' it quicker/
    I run with a squad of G's, run with a squad of theives/
    dumpin' a lot of 3s, tucked in they prada jeans/
    punk, you is not a G, talk and you coppin' keys/
    I'm-a take you out & not a muthafuckin' shopping spree/
    Lil' R, J.O. and my nigga Young Billz/
    Eastside, every nigga that I brung real/
    talk shit, off clips when the gun peels/
    hawk lift, hawk spit through your dumb grill/
    I'm a real live thug on the block/
    silence all that with a couple of shots/
    cuz I'm straight strapped with a couple of glocks/
    ya dawg wanna bark, I'll muzzle ya spot/
    then it's back to the format, back to your whore, back/
    back to ya whore flat, graspin' tha boy back/
    back to ya boy lap, act and tha four clap/
    I done welcomed niggaz like the back of a doormat/
    I spit sick, they can never fast forward that/
    broke in the building, then left the door cracked/
    dropped one CD, now they want more crack/
    hit the studio, tell Bonez to record that/
    all I need is a dutch and some more sacks/
    one mic, one pad, and some more Yak/
    one tight drum pad, and some more tracks/
    one nice young cat that record raps/

    - VERSE -
    You expect me to fail, stress me as well/
    might as well condemn me to hell/
    it's my life I do as I must/
    fued and fuss, dispute, discuss/
    but when the dust settles and such/
    I'll be wise with the veteran's touch/
    my family, premeditated/
    never plan B, so dedicated/
    understand me, dilligent man/
    Sattelite Souls, vigilant clan/
    kindrid spirits, equivilant fam/
    re-enforce my fillament strand/
    gotta do more than nickel and gram/
    job is a chore, simple and bland/
    all these fakes, fickle and sham/
    tickle your mind when I scribble in slang/
    all these hurdles you threw in my path/
    failed attempts to cripple this man/
    let my ballz dribble and hang/
    'til I see death with sickle in hand/

    - VERSE -
    Hoodie and jeans/
    make no mistake, I ain't no rookie emcee/
    why you lookin' at me/
    like I ain't done nothing productive? and you're a puppet/
    straight disgusted, hatin' yourself because you love it/
    talkin' to all of y'all by remote control/
    you simply rap, man - I overflow/
    the levies won't hold dawg, run for ya livez/
    better duck better hide from the guns and the knives/
    it's the end of the world, Bonepacalypse rhymes/
    I'm Galvatron murdering Optimus Prime/
    Mace to the face, you're a straight disgrace/
    no chance to brace, and send 'em to a better place/
    I'm more than meets the eye, pussy - don't hate/
    Dark Night's on the rise like cookie dough baked/
    Richmond Highway/ live-or-die-way/
    lookin' both ways 'for I cross the street/
    and I always peep, because they walk beat/
    I don't often sleep, too much to do/
    you're gonna die forgotten man, sucks for you/
    I'm-a live forever through the rhymes and beats/
    a straight gorilla on them vines and trees/
    I'm searching for peace and/ allergic to B.S./
    like church and police, man/ I'm hurtin' these speakers/

    - VERSE -
    It pours and it rains, and I go vs. the grain/
    the mane of a lion, you bet I ain't tame/
    got a lot of game, not a bit of shame/
    ready for the bout like Sugar Shane-Shane/
    the brain in my cranium remain sane/
    need more than chump change to maintain/
    lay the track down, ready for the train/
    full head of steam like a mean locomotive/
    me and my team, means and the motive/
    alpha numeric, weave and encode it/
    ace in my sleeve, believe in an omen/
    got a numchuck for a Greek and a Roman/
    all my fam beneath the equator/
    keep good faith, and believe in what's greater/
    sooner or later I'll see you in person/
    we all comin' up like a big elevator/
    just cuz I left don't mean I'm a traitor/
    on the front line, first infantrator/
    got my own crib with a kid and a cradle/
    dreams come true like we live in a fable/
    spit through the mic, let it drip through the cable/
    wanna see cream and cheese like a bagel/
    so many seeds to feed, but I'm able/
    buy you a home when my feet are more stable/

  • 04:21 Download Lyrics We Keep On

    - VERSE -
    My style is propietery, dietary plan/
    is to fry up every man that opposes/
    I see 'em all in binary, saionara to insanitary/
    garbage emcees all across the planetary/
    sweet and rich like Cantibury Eggs, my vocabulary/
    packed with various, hilarious remarks/
    I'm nefarious for carryin' you marks/
    like a chariot, hover like the (Harrier)/
    then break the sound barrier/
    legendary like a Larry, leave you hanging by a larriat/
    I bury you like your name was subterrainian/
    alien, mamalian evolving daily neosapien/
    cranium creating enough rhymes to fill a stadium/
    daily rythym is circadian/
    either chillin' with my lady or/
    my main men dawg, we spread the mania/
    night-breed, performing up in Transylvania/

    - HOOK -
    We keep on smashing these rhymes/

    hoping our people get past the street life/

    - VERSE -
    Gemini 'til I die-I/
    6-9, and I always been a fly guy/
    S.O.C. Mob in my heart, thinkin' Qua-Live/
    know the names 'cause it's where a nigga started/
    Eric (rock), and don't forget Jeff Waugh/
    Randolph, and I'll always love FlaVA/
    that includes Jamaal, Big Carter/
    special shot to my Man Lance Johnson/
    c'mon Man, call Allen Mama/
    get back my nigga, fuck Georgia/
    VA where to stay, and you know that/
    M-a-x-well be my Godson/
    livin' reasons bein' why the hell I'm rhyming/
    love Margarita B. forever/
    god damn it I'm'a always have Cancer/
    never full-blown, so it doesn't matter/
    what does is I gotta go at the/
    powers that be in a geek fashion/
    meaning I be smarter than average/
    as I keep patience all up in the balance/
    and I link passion with the action/
    meant for spit-spattin'/
    Roll up on these boys that dare they keep casting/
    Stones at my bones like I was Mick Jagger/
    magazine these niggaz without the talk gats of/

    - HOOK -
    We keep on smashing these rhymes/
    hoping our people get past the street life/

    - VERSE -
    Everyday I contemplate about how I gotta dominate/
    the industry to me is shifty as Nixon is to Watergate/
    call it fate that I'm raw as rape/
    and it's hard as slate to see me/
    on the mic I'm Tim Hardaway/
    cuz I cross and break easy/
    these informer niggaz can hardly wait to call the jakes/
    and get us all locked away/
    you rotten snake/ see the problem ain't/
    as simple as black and white, it's more like red and blue/
    these crooked cops be comin' with cuffs and countless clips to let 'em loose/
    stand up to the system - you might be serving time for tellin' truth/
    you know they wanna make us members of the life sentence crew/
    "serving and protecting" who?, disrespectin' dudes/
    their mentality is "y'all just better do/
    what we tell u to!", 2 hell with you/
    I'm tryin' to set an example for my peepz/
    tryin' to make that cash up in the streets/
    gettin' harassed by these police/
    they wanna see us killing each other, doin' dirt y'all/
    but is it worth all/
    the lives you're destroying to buy your first car?/
    comin' up is hard, everybody knows that life ain't easy yo/
    but I'd rather sell beats & flows, inspire you & see you grow/
    than kill my own kind as a street pharmacist and live/
    having problems with my Wiz/
    puttin' that karma on my kids/

    - HOOK -
    We keep on smashing these rhymes/
    hoping our people get past the street life/

  • 02:47 Download Lyrics Hallucination

    - VERSE -
    Spittin' the truth, smokin' a bowl/
    stay in the lab like there's nowhere to go/
    pen to the pad, low and behold/
    stackin' sheets like folding some clothes/
    window to soul open and closed/
    razor sharp, poking some holes/
    new breed of emcees broken the mold/
    spit hot fiyah, you froze in the cold/
    dig in the closet for coat & the skully/
    lace up the boots, it's supposed to get muddy/
    P.O.W. soldiers get bloody/
    trapped in the system, hopeless and hungry/
    doughnut cops get swollen and pudgy/
    soulless and cold, they old and they ugly/
    these founding fatherss openly snub me/
    except when I roll with Smoke-y and Puff-y/

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -
    I'm hypersensitive to inspirtational sources/
    I ace my courses/
    check mate, can't escape from raging horses and rooks/
    read rhymes from the pages of a sorcerer's book/ these verses and hooks/
    surge through the surface and journey/
    through my nerves and what occurs/
    is a nourishing surge/
    these ceremonial herbs/
    burn like a burden, burn all these concerns/
    as the pages turn/
    learn from past chapters, last laughter/
    is sweet, but I wanna be the first/
    so I gotta rehearse/
    cuz things seem to get worse/
    and I don't wanna eat dirt/
    rather land feet first/
    and be the cream of the crop/
    I'll see the scene of a crime/
    deduce the scheme and the plot/
    produce it steamin' and hot/
    chemistry on this team is like peas in a pod/
    we got no reason to stop/
    like Krayzie Bone said, divine forces "order my steps"/
    I never find myself bored or depressed//

    - VERSE -
    Flowin' ridiculous, mission impossible/
    hurtin' the track - it's in the hospital/
    complex verses, lyrics and obstacles/
    hot like a dime lickin' a popsicle/
    rocking your world like a chicken on top of ya/
    brutal kicks like a prisoner stompin' ya/
    left-right-left, 'til you spittin' and coughing blood/
    bitter and sweet, like hittin' a chocolate blunt/
    and that's just how B-O-N-E-Z get down/
    because most of the lot of you emcees is clowns/
    you can pack a show, but can't please no crowds/
    and even now/
    you're somewhere sittin' and writin' about - nada/
    the lot of your rhymes caca/
    call the doctor to shock you/ you're dead/

  • 02:29 Download Lyrics What Ya Heard

    - VERSE -
    Be patient in every situation/
    Embrace people of different persuasions/
    Spend occassions gainin' information/
    In preperation for the final destination/
    Lack of determination leads to termination/
    Constant cultivation 'til ya culmination/
    Show toleration, respect for every nation/
    All the different races in all thier variations/
    If we stand alone, we're bound by limitations/
    Intimidations poised for elimination/
    But if we stand united, its a liberation/
    Make repirations for future generations/
    Thru dedication, hard work and perspiration/
    Lets put the emphasis back on education/
    Physical fittness, and peaceful meditation/
    Moral renovation, soul rejuvenation/
    In these dark times - shed illumination/
    Use imagination to find jubilation/
    And intelligence to juke the federation/
    Never slowin' up, boost acceleration/
    Wisdom trickles down thru dissemination/
    Music transcends any segregation/
    All you institutions promoting seperation/
    In the eyes of God seek exoneration/
    Its sick man, world wide abominations/
    Greedy rich fucks bent on domination/
    Terrified of face to face confrontation/
    Threatened by logical conversation/
    I love my human race, that's my motivation/
    Passion and wisdom, OHHH what a combination/
    Family ties provide me accommodations/ 
    spread the word of Buddah thru the population/
    Submerge in deep though, compute the computation/
    Passionate love excite me to copulation/
    Characteristics subjected to evaluation/
    To all the broken hearts, I send my salutations/
    Dance inside my charismatic gravitation/
    If you got heart n' soul - raise the palpitation/
    To all, my best wishes, its a celebration/
    Kinetic brain waves raise the oscilations/
    Create a loving aura dense in radiation/
    Emense in radius! WHAT!/
    The world is shady as fuck!/
    I don't know what ya heard about me/
    That I dabble in some wicked wizardry/
    That I'm broke n' stuck in mysery/
    What a pitty...cuz y'all don't know me/
    I don't know what ya heard about me/
    But trust only what ya eye can see/
    That I beef with my family/
    It's obvious...y'all don't know me/

  • 01:36 Download Lyrics Bad Listener

    - VERSE -
    Have mercy on her soul/
    I lost all control/
    I cost us the whole/
    world, and I broke your threshold/
    stress so much we dead slow/
    let's go back in time, presto/
    chango, sweet angel/
    never meant to taint you/
    I'm wicked, vindictive/
    masochistic, the pain is addictive/
    I cry to the heavens for your angel to listen/
    lord give a daughter exactly what she's missin'/
    stop dissin' her/
    we pray, but you're not a good listener/
    where the hell you at?/

    - VERSE -
    It's been so many moons/
    and she's weeped out lagoons/
    cried her some rivers, now release alll that gloom/
    deliver her from doom real soon/
    let her see that the blessings will bloom/
    Bliss beyond the tomb/
    breathe life in her womb/
    make a wife of her soon/
    with the most righteous groom/
    make it safe to assume/|
    and exume all the love that she lost & consumed/
    She's a saint at the core/
    but the pain of remorse/
    keeps angel grounded restraining that force/
    when it should take it's course/
    and soar thru the skies, reach folks by the scores/
    Life's been a chore/
    and we all must explore/
    live by the pen, but don't die by the sword/
    and the Lord will reward/
    for each tear that you poured/
    no longer ignored/
    salvation's in store/

  • 04:29 Download Lyrics Early Morning

    - VERSE -
    I wake up early in the morning, and roll right back to sleep/
    but not before I grab and reach/
    for my 20 bag of trees/
    relieve the insanity/ so high, defy gravity/
    you'll need a couple ladders B/
    my elevated strategies/
    paint another masterpiece/
    ill rhyme factories/
    hills climbed at the speed/
    I spill lines - rapidly/
    spit-shine whack emcees/
    who kill time tragically/
    instill mind fallacies/
    I feel my allergies/
    sick and so tired that I'm-a take the day off/
    make the bomb grub, blaze and just gaze into thought/
    take Sinatra, Bone Thugs and Marvin Gaye for a walk/
    the clouds fill the sky beautifully, it's gray in the park/
    I listen to the rain fall and hope it starts pouring/
    just to cancel some baseball and close some golf courses/
    god I love these productive days, cuz I'm never bored when/
    I'm in the zone, puff a 'j' in the early morning/

    - VERSE -
    I wake up in the early morning, peel the covers back/
    check my agenda for the day, grab a dutch and sack/
    roll the finest piff that'll push a brotha back/
    then count a couple stacks/ somethin' you suckaz lack/
    push the Pac up in the stereo and run it back/
    then hop up in the shower, brush my teeth, and puff a black/
    and then it's time to rush the map/
    where the pumpers at/
    see theh cops, then I'm slowin' down, and duckin' back/
    because the block's hot, 'round here they tuck a strap/
    and if you muthafuckaz act/
    they will buck n clap/
    and fuck the friendships, so watch who you hug & dap/
    mind your own business, watch who you trust wit dat/
    the cash, yeah - the hoes fuck ya for the lust of that/
    but in the daytime the bitch want her husband back/
    these thoughts goin' through my head as I'm slumpin' back/
    blazed off the hydro, plus I clutch the gat in the early morning/

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -
    Early in the morning I'm still up in the den/
    with a pad and a pen/
    writing like I'm trapped in the pen/
    unsure of my strength, whenever I spit I make the bars bend/
    make weak rappers fold when I go all in/
    sleep deprived, cans of Red Bull help keep me wired/
    like nuclear war heads armed and ready to fire/
    the time is now, the position is where I'm sittin'/
    the agenda is every sentence that's written/
    is enough to cause a caniption/
    with fine tuned precision/
    I erase the division/ between improv spittin'/
    and the beautiful composition/
    and in a minute I'll be blazin' until I'm soaring/
    closing my eyes to another glorious morning/

    - VERSE -
    I'm an early riser/
    wiser man, plan devisor/
    eyes on the prize, blowin' like a damn gyser/
    Keiser in the rap game/
    arsenal like Max Payne/
    verses by the piles, styles that adapt to change/
    charged brain matter/
    makin' lames scatter/
    plain tattered rags, but yet/
    tryin' to live like Wayne Manor/
    true to my iron core/
    rap with a lion roar/
    gotta make that doe, none of us are dyin' poor/
    take to the sky and soar/
    realestate, buying more/
    Nightmare - giant sword/
    pulvarize competition, strong like a dinosaur/
    today I'm kinda poor/
    when will I find a door/
    Sattelite Souls, descend and I'll climb aboard/
    take me to the mothership/
    Earth's inhabitants can suck a dick/
    comet's 'bout to hit/
    early riser dawg, long since evacuated/
    destination calculated/
    fine tuned and calibrated/

  • 04:34 Download Lyrics Bottoming Out

    - VERSE -
    Lessons get learned, mistakes get made/
    tryin' to make up for the wasted days/
    I wake to the sound of my racing heart/
    take a pause/
    locate the cuase/
    just thinkin' about the night before/
    remembered that movie Sliding Doors/
    shouldn't be gettin' so high and so weak/
    with so much I say that I'm fighting for/
    maybe I am afraid to asnwer the call/
    after all, with my back on the wall/
    hamster wheels like teenagers out at the mall/
    having a ball/
    so sick of this life I yak in the stall/
    flushing the past/
    no intentions of coming on back/
    and gettin' caught, stuck in the trap/
    rubbed off the map/
    thinkin' about what my homie told me/
    watch who you hug & you dap/
    never without my jigga-be-cool stick/
    packin' numchucks in the sack/
    trust nobody, haven't you heard/
    one of those rules that had to get learned/
    before some bamma has to get served/
    and something tragic emerge/
    love thy neighbor like thyself/
    swallow your pride cuz you might need help/
    you run the streets? or the streets run you?/
    go read a book wit 'cha trifling self/
    I'm taking a break, meeting my One/
    to dine under the evening sun/
    I need to recharge/ problems get large/
    and I'm fresh out of reasons to run/

    - VERSE -
    Who cares what they see in me/
    I look to the sky like - set me free!!/
    If not, I stop praying, so let me be/
    every morning when I wake I gotta fiend the green/
    I had the super bowl won, then I lost my team/
    this is destiny - what you've done to me/
    you done made me a G that'll fight for things/
    but now I gotta see that I'll need shoes on her feet/
    gotta put food on the table she can eat/
    what in the world will she think of me/
    cuz the things I did so she could be/
    the only girl on the block with a destiny/
    the only girl on the block with a daddy/
    then wonder why I'm here, so she can see/
    it's real unconditional love, it's true happy/
    now I'm bottomed out, and this is your daddy/
    the shell of a man that can hardly see/
    streets in front of me, it's harder & harder/
    trust me, I'm-a never leave/
    and I'm-a struggle with air so you can breathe/
    Mommy broke my heart, I'm so sorry/
    my choice then, we would be married/
    fought so much, it would be scary/
    this is here, this is now, and I'm your daddy/
    please bare with me/
    life's hard for me/
    I don't want you to see/
    these horrible things/
    that life can bring/
    let me deal with these things/
    so you can dream/
    wait, stop, let me think/
    ok, understand that I'm finally free/
    this whole life, live mentally/
    put it together with a strategy/
    until check made, d-e-a-d/

    - VERSE -
    The bills are late, and I'm unemployed/
    saving is hard/
    it's breakin' my heart/
    and credit's no good no more, the store ain't takin' my card/
    no way I'm-a starve/
    it ain't just me myself and I/
    thinking about my nephew's cries/
    health of body, health of mind/
    and so until the death we ride/
    stressed because I let things fall apart/
    but now I'm over the past/
    knowing the path/
    settin' a course for boot camp - my soldiers in class/
    get ready for war, these inner demons/
    never been more, I feel 'em breathing/
    back of my neck/ tracking my steps/
    hunting me like it's killing season/
    out for the squish, won't give 'em a reason/|
    I'm kicking and screaming to save my soul/
    take control/
    break the hold/
    and get out before the cage is closed/
    never too late to better your life/
    but once, but measure it twice/
    patience and discipline seperate king from the pawn/
    men from the mice/
    bottoming out, so hard to get up/
    cuz just when you think that positive luck's/
    coming around/
    to buck up the frowns/
    when smokin' ain't working to up any downs/
    punch in the mouth, reality checks/
    you start to wonder what tragedy's next/
    to take your progress back a few steps/
    and hope for the strength to handle the stress/

    - VERSE -
    The rich get approved, the poor get denied/
    public school - it barely supplied/
    I died inside/ now roll deep, rarely divide/
    credit cards - they ate me alive/
    slippery snakes, slippity-slide/
    wicked and sly/
    interest rate - a dick in the eye/
    pick 'em apart with venomous rhymes/
    fine print indicates/
    threacherous lies, then they/
    expect you to rise/
    when hypocrites already made sure you met your demise/
    sever the ties/
    clever and wise/
    move aside/
    and never despise/
    weather the skies/
    rain or shine, love and joy will enter my life/
    to venture inside/
    adventurous strides/
    take me around the globe to fill the lobes in your mind/
    hoping to find/
    my chosen divine/
    my slice of the pie/
    leave a verse for y'all to recite/
    after I die, will remain/
    in your brain just to remind/
    some to reflect, some to refine/
    some to accept, some to decline/
    my legacy will look for you/
    never have to come to the shrine/
    though my body's stuck in some pine/
    think outside the box, just hovering high/
    a lover of life/
    a writer of strife/
    ferocious rapper, tiger with stripes/

  • 03:40 Download Lyrics Parts Unknown

    - VERSE -
    I come from parts unknown, same story, different version/
    dwelling in a black cave until the new shit emerges/
    then I get ghost on you fools like a missing person/
    cuz fame is just I curse, I don't behave like Mr. Perfect/
    I train by spittin' verses/
    though some days it isn't worth it/
    fully capable to work it/
    while you hate & misinterpret/
    and only a few see the full frame of the mission's purpose/
    by brain's intricate working/
    buck-n-change when I spit these verses/
    a plain ol' vicious wordsmith/
    I take my work serious/
    create & birth lyrics/
    even hatin' jerks feel it/
    it's inevidable, man - success attracts haters/
    they can't wait to write a diss song, intent to stack paper/
    watch the friends full-time, cuz friends attack later/
    cut your throat while you sleep, man - it ends up that way some.../
    ...times and watch who you trust/
    even if you threw 'em love/
    eatin' up your food & stuff/
    you need to just remove them chumps

    - VERSE -
    Despite recent maturity, I'm sure to be provoked/
    but nope, can't be a dope/
    won't push the envelope/
    instead just make a note/
    get a pen and let it stroke/
    when beat and rhyme elope/
    I see a sign of hope/
    don't need a line of coke/
    to envoke a a holy ghost/
    you blokes are scoliosis/
    I smoke you crooked folk/
    I'm ghost, I stroll below/
    radar show me - NO!/
    patrol with Shinobi cloak/
    sneak past the goalie post/
    a thug - the bravest clown/
    enroll in a rodeo/ no joke, ya just a hoax/
    full of shit, cornholio/
    I cripple competition/
    my flow is polio/
    ya fragile composition/
    breaks-fast like Toasty O's/
    you drones, just play a role/
    and you know that "Homie don't..."/
    sock you in the dome/
    disown your microphone/

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -

  • 02:08 Download Lyrics Not To Be A Player

    - VERSE -
    Temptation…sets my destination/
    My conscious intervenes…/
    … but that only results in hesitation/
    Creepin’ like a secret agent/
    Told sweety meet at Regan/
    Could… I… be mistaken?/
    Should I proceed n’ take this/
    chance…that could lead to pain and/
    I don’t wanna hear complainin'/
    Or fear retaliation/
    Or make my baby’s tears/
    pour out of desperation/
    Or make my lady feel/
    Short… on her respiration/
    Force myself to love/
    or divorce towards a separation/
    Take the right course of action/
    Stray from the force of Satan/
    More to life than whores/
    like doors to the Lord’s haven/
    Blessings galore waitin’/
    Dual income! More bacon!/
    Cheating is morbid/
    She will leave me forsaken/
    Forfeit AMOR and/
    fill my life with court cases/
    Have a little more patience! Boyz!!!/

    - VERSE -
    I'm just a man, straight mamal, cuckoo over the girls/
    and I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice the curves/
    especially in the summertime when they wearin' their skirts/
    yeah, I'm-a look, but that don't mean I'm-a go over and flirt/
    I used to be attracted to a certain type of female/
    and get to blinded by the looks to peep the lies she would tell/
    so many dime piece temptresses waive around the bait & hook/
    guys with the faintest look/
    gettin' done like Beowulf/
    and it's not that I'm afraid or shook/
    but I've already played the crook/
    and karma said I owed big, sen't my ass a payment book/
    bankrupted heart and soul/
    sank in the darkest hole/
    started over like a seed, but thankful I got to grow/
    these days - faithful dude/
    workin' hard, makin' moves/
    no time to play the type of games that you "playaz" do/
    stayin' cool/ see a 'hot-thang' - and I play it cool/
    quit actin' like u never seen a girl, and wipe that baby drool/

    - HOOK -
    Not to be a playa/
    playin' gets you caught up/
    caught up with the ladies/
    addicted to the lust/
    what goes around town/
    comes back around, now.../
    you gettin' no play/
    tryin' to re-live the old days/

  • 02:41 Download Lyrics Kitty

    - VERSE -
    My Kitty's the finest/
    pretty as diamonds/
    not even the wittiest rhymes can/
    begin to define/
    not even the pen of a scribe/
    can begin to describe/
    Venus encarnate, take my hand/
    lead it thru darkness, save this man/
    from being a carcus/
    folks are heartless/ leavin' us scarred/
    pray for fam to keep us on target/
    those who stand in our way will weaken and tarnish/
    raise my seeds, breed 'em as artists/
    heart of the house, dearly regarded/
    husband devoted/
    action denotes it/
    passion exploded/
    felt it, wrote it/
    take it, quote it/
    embrace it and own it/
    ...let me breathe for a moment/

    - HOOK -
    Stay united, undiveded/
    God provided all we need/
    so delighted we collided/
    celebrate, light that green/
    pain subsided, so excited/
    unconfined, our flight is free/
    fate ignited, day and night I/
    write, recite, it pays to dream/
    Kitty, Daddy, Neutronstar/
    condo's nice, food's on par/
    quest is long, we proved thus far/
    request nobody do us harm/
    every night within my arms/
    treasure chest is full of charms/
    pleasure, rest & lots of bliss/
    protect you from apocolypse/

    - VERSE -
    lead our way, my love won't stray/
    appreciate you everyday/
    and it grows/
    and I show thru anecdotes/
    under your spell, no antidote/
    with this girl I can elope/
    man I hope we last eternal/
    document it in my journal/
    every turn and every hurdle/
    help you learn, I will serve you/
    you gave me my CXS/
    you and I will see success/
    my BFF, relieve my stress/
    love you 'til in peace I rest/
    hear the beat beneath my chest/

    - HOOK -
    Stay united, undiveded/
    God provided all we need/
    so delighted we collided/
    celebrate, light that green/
    pain subsided, so excited/
    unconfined, our flight is free/
    fate ignited, day and night I/
    write, recite, it pays to dream/
    Kitty, Daddy, Neutronstar/
    condo's nice, food's on par/
    quest is long, we proved thus far/
    request nobody do us harm/
    every night within my arms/
    treasure chest is full of charms/
    pleasure, rest & lots of bliss/
    protect you from apocolypse/

  • 04:15 Download Lyrics Relinquish Some Delight

    - VERSE -
    It's sad that the things you want the most come with twice the sacrifice/
    all the time that we devote might decide the afterlife/
    so incase that's my plight/
    must relinquish some delight/
    the mic of my will for my children and my wife/
    and the blood that I love, and my bishops & my knights/
    cognitive efforts towards precision of my strike/
    done spittin' on the mic/
    Pip this shit off to Mike/
    pike in his grill 'til he wishes he was like/

    you wanna be, you wanna be like Mike/
    you wanna be, you wanna be.../

    - VERSE -
    Locked and loaded/
    number 1 like Oden/
    my style is potent/
    like potions from Dumbldorf/
    insane in the brain/ put that thang on a dame/
    ain't a game, I'm the ma-i-n of course/
    but you already knew that/
    still I gotta prove that/
    too many doubters, I'm claustrophobic/
    your best bet be to move back/
    give me my space 'for I erase ya, call me Galactus/
    eatin' rappers/
    that should be actors/
    doin' it just for practice/
    listen I got a vision homie/
    even though the world disow me/
    most of my homies phony/
    hoes actin' like they don't know me/
    but I ain't trippin' shawty/
    and I'm a soldier homie/
    still marchin' towards the finish line/
    I'm just moving slowly/
    surely no one can stop me/
    mayday, mayday, you copy?/
    bitches screaming "hey papi"/
    got haters plottin' to pop me/
    I'm energized, won't stop, I'm-a keep goin'/
    even if the river runs dry I'm-a keep flowin'/
    so keep that in the back of your minds/
    gonna make you bitchez kiss my ass when ya boi get signed/

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -
    Spittin' infinite, witness me rhyme like a beast roaring/
    even if the river runs dry, I'm-a keep flowing/
    serving haters on the grill, and all kinda beef smoking/
    versatile, always keep a different side of me showing/
    don't need to try to stay gimmick-free lyrically/
    pity fools like Mr. T/
    Halo soldier, killing spree/
    running riot, so consistently/
    coppin' piff to breathe/
    twisting trees/
    master your high, try not to skip a beat/
    living in the land of the greed, home of the raged/
    goin' insane/
    slowing the pain/
    and hoping for change/
    and though I'm fucked the fuck up now, I'll be sober again/
    and take a bowl to the brain/
    torch it & flame/
    roasting the crain/
    and relinquish some delight/
    sword of omen giving us the sight/
    nocturnal like fishing in the night/
    I know it's unfair the way we spittin' in this mic/
    Dark Night! Stop bitchin' 'bout your life/
    straight wishing you was like.../

  • 02:48 Download Lyrics Ancient and Limitless

    - VERSE -
    You got no ambition? Raise your own stakes/
    aquire new skill every day the earth rotates/
    aspire much higher than previous attempts/
    fry the big fish, forget tedious events/
    ignore all the greed that the media projects/
    call it how I see it man, freely I profess/
    no talent bammaz fall in love with the camera/
    one hit wonder lack a whole lot of stamina/
    keep an alias like Hanna Montana does/
    spit quotables like main-man Canibus/
    use these words to paint vivid images/
    power of the mind - ancient and limitless/
    come take a journey at the pace of my dilligence/
    stay on task by the dates of the syllabus/
    much more at stake than your own satisfaction/
    a man of action, a saint to the villages/
    the humble and meek - raped of their privileges/
    show 'em a way to escape from the militants/
    pledge no allegiance to the states of imprisonment/
    all our lives we stay placed in predicaments/
    brown skinned faces encased in some tenements/
    products they sell us - laced with the venomous/
    flip that switch from haste to meticulous/
    then wipe my ass with a page from Leviticus/

    - VERSE -
    Some people say I'm a pessimist, I got a lot of rage in me/
    anyone who really know the Joker know I stay silly/
    roll another Dutch, I don't like to blaze Phillies/
    burn too fast like a 'whistle' Holiday Inn-ing/
    sittin' and contemplating, chillin' on my big couch/
    thinking 'bout your momz and how she's filling out her fish mouth/
    you heard right, all types of random gettin' dished out/
    pulling no punches like a bare knuckle fist bout/
    gotta find laughter in the states of imprisonment/
    racist-ass people full of hatred and bitterness/
    never stop learning, start taking an interest in/
    the power of the mind, ancient and limitless/
    government isn't into saving the children, it's/
    wasting billions outerspace in these little ships/
    braindead citizens chasing the quickest fix/
    watching from the side, entertained, as I twist a spliff/

    - VERSE -
    Revolutionary warfare, it's my course here/
    quality is fake like women wearing horse hair/
    of course, yeah/ I got the patience of a boss/
    I'm racing in the Porche/
    gettin' chased by the law/
    court cases gettin' tossed/
    when the money is involved/
    justice isn't blind, she don't cater to us all/
    and aw...y'all think it really isn't bad/
    I just think you should've made the most of what you niggaz had/
    you right, so I'm-a take my own damn advice/
    get up, get out, and take everything you like/
    the system - corrupted/
    fuck it, you gotta love it/
    cuz everything I have, shit - I took from the public/
    and I just sell it back/
    when I put it in a rap/
    I'm just sayin' what I feel, but y'all take it as a fact/
    you can take me how I am, or leave me where I'm at/
    two things I gotta do - pay taxes & stay black/

  • 02:57 Download Lyrics Another Chapter

    - VERSE -
    I'm on top of this/
    and I'm rockin' this/
    cuz I'm probably pissed/
    one strap, one hand when I cock and spit/
    one cat, one BLAM and you droppin' quick/
    one flat dumb cat that was poppin' shit/
    blood all on the floor, gotta mop the shit/
    then I gotta go escape from the cops & shit/
    fuck that, no man won't stop my grip/
    or it's back to the block, rocks, glocks & clips/
    shit, I'm just a crazy nigga/
    eyes straight hazy nigga/
    born in late 80's nigga/
    tryin' to make some figures/
    don't wanna spray these triggers/
    make a coward break that's bigger/
    snatch his chain, take his glitter/
    wave & hit 'em/

    - VERSE -
    I wanna rap forever/
    I wanna stay clever/
    I plan to weather storms, transform to Mayweather/
    and land a haymaker/
    I'm not a cake baker/
    but it's a celebration, defeated nemisis/
    I clean the premisis/
    the deepest crevasses/
    I play my flute and you rats follow me to the steepest precipice/
    don't get pissed if you slip/
    from the tip to the bottom/
    that SPLAT oughta taught 'em/
    falling like the autumn/
    chuckles from spectators/
    as I crumble up his paper/
    in the garbage pail/
    rhyme was weak and frail/
    you'll spend a week in jail/
    you'll bend and get molested/
    then end up eating tail/
    I hope you brought your tongs/
    for tossing all that salad/
    you'll probably wear a thong/
    and then they'll let you have it/
    rap is full of faggots/
    Diddy-idiotic habits/
    your asshole is Puffy cuz you're sitting on a fallace/

    - VERSE -
    I keep on showing the flow, you know I break 'em off/
    break 'em with fluid movements/
    doin' music that's from the heart/
    from the start/ I've always been on the mark/
    couldn't picture me fallin' off/
    and droppin' some whack bars, thus far/
    my track record's impressive and I'm only gettin' better/
    with verses that vary like the weather/
    and reaches you like Blackberrys/
    blow your mind like black berettas/
    now imagine if I rap forever/
    who the fuck could see my level/
    without cowering down in terror/
    the art of keepin' my mind sharp/
    and keepin' my rhymes raw/
    keep feeding these thoughts biting off metaphors/
    yeah - you know what I'm spittin' for/
    no man can ever stop me/
    I'm rap's herbal proxy, head knotty/
    hands like twin shotties droppin' bodies/
    ey, yo - son, you better run for cover/
    reach and clap that thunder/
    go ahead and call up numbers/
    sound the trumpets
    V.A. is coming/
    you better run for cover/
    reach and clap that thunder/
    go ahead and call up numbers/
    sound the trumpets/
    you know who's coming/

    - VERSE -
    I put in five on a dutch/
    and don't drive with a clutch/
    he's eye-balling me, and I'm sizing him up/
    and I don't really want to be fighting and stuff/
    but I'm-a be good and ready if he try something dumb/
    I don't trust nobody, keep on moving down the line/
    everybody's guilty until proven otherwise/
    I got a lot of shit I wanna do before I die/
    shamrock, I don't got no room for you to ride/
    go that way, make tracks/
    never come back/
    you're a whack emcee with a bum rap/
    catalogue butt-ugly like a hunchback/
    mine's hot like a fifty foot sunlamp/
    I hold the mic right/
    give my third eye sight/
    spit what my life's like/
    because I got my mind right/

  • 02:03 Download Lyrics Desire and a Spark

    - VERSE -
    I got fire in my heart/
    desire and a spark/
    Pharoah ain't smart/
    he's just a liar and a shark/
    the cardiac beats for the chior and the harp/
    saliva secretes to aquire the remark/
    aspire to euphoria/
    fill the auditorium/
    the road to glory's oh so boring and laborious/
    intricate verbiage, toxin loaded scorpions/
    the nature of my work - killing like Kevorkian's/
    weak little shorties get played like accordion/
    so get big kid, and bring the panademonium/
    lyrics get you high, I supply 'em with opium/
    more skills than Kobe, a vivid cornucopia/
    slicker than petrolium/
    when behind the podium/
    verses radiate like weapons grade plutonium/
    faggot ass rappers win awards from Nickelodeon/
    MTV rappers straight bitch like Amazonians/

    - VERSE -
    Undisciplined rappers catch straight disrespect/
    blaze 'em & put 'em out on their butts like a cigarette/
    and even though my salary ain't no six figures yet/
    at least I ain't like y'all - whack juiced & drippin' wet/
    I spit 50 calibur verses that straight split the vest/
    and strangle your microphone with both hands, and grip the neck/
    imagine me spittin' knowledge to a crowd a thousand deep and/
    top of my game, on the regular, pounding speakers/
    I aim to spit verses on a Papoose calibur/
    y'all tryin' to spit verses on some whack fool's calibur/
    some try to get famous always askin' to battle you/
    it's Dark Night Records, and I bask in the shadow punk/
    I spit Godzilla rhymes that make you get down and duck/
    left Jurassic footprints everywhere that my sounds have bumped/
    there was a time you clowns were funny, but now it's done/
    your arms are too short to box with God another round you bum/

  • 03:54 Download Lyrics Disastrophy

    - VERSE -
    Dawg, I move with the swiftest feet/
    when it come to violence, dude - I don't stick with peace/
    I'm the type to come thru and cruise in a rented jeep/
    with more backpacks than a student facility/
    the cruelest ability/
    when fools even mention me/
    I fuse tools 'til you losing your memory/
    you dudes ooze, you will soon be a mystery/
    I pull presidential moves like I'm Clinton's peepz/
    and prove I'm too sick to see/
    I rhyme my lines and I'm well known, prick/
    ask about me on the block, bet a shell blow quick/
    so go and tell your clique/
    it's soon gon' be finished and you holdin'/
    on to your minutes like a cell phone clip/
    that's what I'm tellin' your people/
    you already heard it, so I'm there with the sequel/
    you're already nervous, so I better just leave you/
    if Hip-Hop is dead, then I'm Resident Evil/

    - VERSE -

    - VERSE -
    The state of Hip-Hop, a disastrophy/
    Select few Emceez composed a master piece/
    Pass the weed! Speak psychoactively/
    Cowardly bastards act so dastardly/
    It takes years to achieve mastery/
    TV N' Radio manufacturing/
    Second-rate feather-weights/
    Clever phrase emanates/
    Rapes and inseminates/
    Devastates! Heaven's Sake!/
    Dead Pope! Reverand slain!/
    Let it pour! Let it rain!/
    Let us soar! Meta-morph!/
    Transform...and roll out!/
    Let a rap loose/
    Like Papoose!/
    Smack foolz!/
    Take away thier dignity like a jack move/
    Blue, black bruises lookin' like some tatoos/
    Give a fuck NOT cuz I'm stoned like a statue/
    Lookin' past you/
    Like glass dude/
    I glance thru/
    Sorry but the sad truth,/
    it was past due/

    - VERSE -
    On the mic we like 300, ain't no muthafuckin' stoppin' us/
    you tryin' to write a clever verse - preposterous, ricockulous/
    I spit that realistici shit, the knowledge buff/
    ponder stuff/
    tryin' to get my wallet stuffed/
    didn't go to college, what!/
    you a fairy, flower fuck/
    soft, homo powder-puff/
    poppin'-faggot-collar chumps/
    you shouldn't even be droppin' cuts/
    rhyme at a hundred miles per hour, stunt/
    now you're done, son/
    roll or get rolled over like a monster truck/
    you coward punk/
    wasting all that 2 inch tape/
    and hard drive crucial space/
    actin' hard, but you a fake/
    I bump it loud so you can wake/
    you ugly like a plastic surgeried bamma's ghoulish face/
    doo-doo based hot steaming pile of green human waste/
    it ain't enough to say that you a whack emcee/
    cuz actually/
    you only spit that hot-fiyah breath, so back up please/
    if you're the king of this rap shit - then suck a dick your majesty/
    your lack of skill's a tragedy/
    one big ass disastrophy/

  • 04:42 Download Lyrics Godfather

    - VERSE -
    A funeral fit for a king, and we all said goodbye/
    to a shining star that fell from the sky/
    can't explain in words how I felt when I cried/
    on November the 5th when Tab said you had died/
    a lifetime of memories, gone in a flash/
    you fought so brave but had fallen at last/
    no more suffering, it's all in the past/
    as I cried on the shoulders of your Momz and your dad/
    you were more than a brother and a friend to me/
    and it was meant to be/
    that you left three seeds/
    so that those who remember you will get to see/
    that you're still here with us, especially me/
    so I'll tell your story 'til death sets me free/
    cuz you always had my back & wanted best for me/
    when I ran away from home, we knew where I'd be/
    here's to a damn good friend, souljah - rest in peace/

    - VERSE -
    No longer flesh, it's hard to believe/
    now it's up to God to recieve/
    retrieve his soul, I drop to my knees/
    and ask for relief to the wife and the seeds/
    not to live a life full of grief/
    his time on earth - frightfully brief/
    seems as though God is a thief/
    took our brother to the heights of the peaks/
    deceased artist, a plight of the meak/
    rather die for the cause than fight for the greed/
    leave legacies thru the mic when you speak/
    leave three boys in the likeness of he/
    Yak taught these boys how to rap/
    infact put Route 1 on the map/
    sad, tears drip right to the pad/
    but still celebrate the life that he had/

    - HOOK -
    Goodbye never came to mind/
    young and full of life/
    three boys and a wife/
    looking up at the sky/
    asking "God tell me why?"/
    tears straming from my eyes/
    and you know how much we love you/
    forever thinking of you/
    give anything to have one more day/
    things haven't been quite the same/
    in VA on Tha Highway/
    since that cold November day/
    the heavens took you away/

    - VERSE -
    I wish you could see us, strong as ever/
    because time's running out, and it's now or never/
    one of us take a fall, and we're down together/
    through the rain and sunshine and cloudy weather/
    I lost a brother, but I gained the lessons/
    having you in my life was a major blessing/
    you taught me, fought me, gave me strength and/
    now I walk down the road to the place you're resting/
    and I wish you could meet my brother's first born/
    knowing that you can't, man nothing hurts more/
    but after the dark night, sun in the sky/
    with my hands held high/
    Route 1 'til I die/
    talk about you all the time to my one and only/
    you'd be proud of your boy, you would love her homie/
    and I miss you painfully, but trust and believe/
    if you left so soon then there must be a reason/

    - VERSE -
    Astrologically we be one in the same/
    and geographically we both live on the same/
    side of Tha Highway, though we rolled different trains/
    what really matters is/ that we both did 4 kidz/
    and when I look at yours I can't wait to have mine/
    with Nate, Josh & Tug, and Tab is on the grind/
    with the love from above is impactin' like a 9/
    not from thugs, but the sun, after morning comes the shine/

    - HOOK -
    Goodbye it's too real this time/
    can't wake up to find/
    that it's all a lie/
    and that you're doin' fine/
    God won't you tell me why/
    you needed him at your side/
    and you know how much we love you/
    forever thinking of you/
    give anything to have one more day/
    things haven't been quite the same/
    in VA on Tha Highway/
    since that cold November day/
    the heavens took you away/
    and you know how much we love you/
    forever thinking of you/
    give anything to have one more day/
    things haven't been quite the same/
    in VA on Tha Highway/
    or within my family/
    we'll be together some day/

    - OUTRO -
    It's so hard to say goodbye/
    so hard to say goodbye/
    still don't know why you had to go/
    leaving us heartbroke in a winter so cold/
    so hard to say goodbye/
    too hard to say goodbye/
    still wonder why no longer at our side/
    here to weather the storms everyday we mourn/
    and so I hope you know we love you/
    and know that we're thinking of you/
    and know we'll remember your name/
    ever the same, that's never gon' change/
    let 'em know - Yak taught these boys how to rap/
    infact put Route 1 on the map/
    sad, tears drip right to the pad/
    but still celebrate the life that he had/

  • 03:13 Download Lyrics Two Rays Of Joy

    - VERSE -
    We left the homeland, came to the States/
    planae to the gate/
    raising the stakes/
    poverty stricken, we made an escape/
    far from the family, away from the race/
    the clothes on our backs, a couple suit cases/
    many new faces/
    a family of five all in a basement/
    recall in amazement/
    kept us alive, thank God for the graces/
    stayed in Bolivia - what would have been?/
    needing dough? struggle to win?/
    leaving home had to have been/
    even so, love for the kin/
    Mom and Pop - thank you again/
    you're more than a Mom, more than a friend/
    more than a Dad, a moment of Zen/
    holding a pen, writing a verse/
    reciting it hurts/
    think of the past/
    ominous task, emotional toll/
    crossing an ocean, devotion of soul/
    sacrificed for three little tykes/
    worked the days, even the nights/
    we keep it in mind, I keep it in sight/
    through example showed the meaning of life/
    the love you gave, a beacon of light/
    you warned of demons while teaching what's right/
    give back what you get/
    trapped into debt/
    so sad, I regret/
    lesson is learned/
    confession is heard/
    depression surges
    out of neglect/
    had to reflect/
    lack of respect/
    inexperienced boy/
    serious void/
    left in my head/
    Mama's love resurrected the dead/
    Poppa's love kept us well fed/
    remember the nights knelt next to the bed/
    Mami and Granny leading a prayer/
    Padre nuestro, you really up there?/
    in utter despair/
    pleading for care/
    a couple of things been meaning to share/
    love my folks with all of my soul/
    thank you Lord for keepin' us whole/
    without their support, we'd be in a hole/
    without their warmth, we'd be in the cold/
    two rays of joy, and three from the mold./

    - VERSE -
    Wawitai, mi rayo de alegria/
    Culilai, mi esperanza/
    Cuando atardeze vuelco mi alma/
    Hacia las estrellas/
    Para que el cielo te proteja donde estes/

    - OUTRO -
    You taught us to live, taught us to love/
    you tried even harder the harder it was/
    survivor skills all in our blood/
    mother and daughter, father and sons/
    D.N.A., the family bond/
    when hope was frail and practically gone/
    you never gave up, you had to be strong/
    we learned from the best, carrying on/