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They say it's impossible, I say that it's probable/
everything I spit, dawg I say it's too hot 4 you/
shut this shit down when I came for the top of you/
so I hope you lame niggaz came with a lot of you/
I'm bigger than niggaz that's peelin' the triggers/
and killin' you quicker, I spit it that sicker/
and gettin' my figures to get me a-richer/
sick to the shit and I'm flippin' it quicker/
I run with a squad of G's, run with a squad of theives/
dumpin' a lot of 3s, tucked in they prada jeans/
punk, you is not a G, talk and you coppin' keys/
I'm-a take you out & not a muthafuckin' shopping spree/
Lil' R, J.O. and my nigga Young Billz/
Eastside, every nigga that I brung real/
talk shit, off clips when the gun peels/
hawk lift, hawk spit through your dumb grill/
I'm a real live thug on the block/
silence all that with a couple of shots/
cuz I'm straight strapped with a couple of glocks/
ya dawg wanna bark, I'll muzzle ya spot/
then it's back to the format, back to your whore, back/
back to ya whore flat, graspin' tha boy back/
back to ya boy lap, act and tha four clap/
I done welcomed niggaz like the back of a doormat/
I spit sick, they can never fast forward that/
broke in the building, then left the door cracked/
dropped one CD, now they want more crack/
hit the studio, tell Bonez to record that/
all I need is a dutch and some more sacks/
one mic, one pad, and some more Yak/
one tight drum pad, and some more tracks/
one nice young cat that record raps/

You expect me to fail, stress me as well/
might as well condemn me to hell/
it's my life I do as I must/
fued and fuss, dispute, discuss/
but when the dust settles and such/
I'll be wise with the veteran's touch/
my family, premeditated/
never plan B, so dedicated/
understand me, dilligent man/
Sattelite Souls, vigilant clan/
kindrid spirits, equivilant fam/
re-enforce my fillament strand/
gotta do more than nickel and gram/
job is a chore, simple and bland/
all these fakes, fickle and sham/
tickle your mind when I scribble in slang/
all these hurdles you threw in my path/
failed attempts to cripple this man/
let my ballz dribble and hang/
'til I see death with sickle in hand/

Hoodie and jeans/
make no mistake, I ain't no rookie emcee/
why you lookin' at me/
like I ain't done nothing productive? and you're a puppet/
straight disgusted, hatin' yourself because you love it/
talkin' to all of y'all by remote control/
you simply rap, man - I overflow/
the levies won't hold dawg, run for ya livez/
better duck better hide from the guns and the knives/
it's the end of the world, Bonepacalypse rhymes/
I'm Galvatron murdering Optimus Prime/
Mace to the face, you're a straight disgrace/
no chance to brace, and send 'em to a better place/
I'm more than meets the eye, pussy - don't hate/
Dark Night's on the rise like cookie dough baked/
Richmond Highway/ live-or-die-way/
lookin' both ways 'for I cross the street/
and I always peep, because they walk beat/
I don't often sleep, too much to do/
you're gonna die forgotten man, sucks for you/
I'm-a live forever through the rhymes and beats/
a straight gorilla on them vines and trees/
I'm searching for peace and/ allergic to B.S./
like church and police, man/ I'm hurtin' these speakers/

It pours and it rains, and I go vs. the grain/
the mane of a lion, you bet I ain't tame/
got a lot of game, not a bit of shame/
ready for the bout like Sugar Shane-Shane/
the brain in my cranium remain sane/
need more than chump change to maintain/
lay the track down, ready for the train/
full head of steam like a mean locomotive/
me and my team, means and the motive/
alpha numeric, weave and encode it/
ace in my sleeve, believe in an omen/
got a numchuck for a Greek and a Roman/
all my fam beneath the equator/
keep good faith, and believe in what's greater/
sooner or later I'll see you in person/
we all comin' up like a big elevator/
just cuz I left don't mean I'm a traitor/
on the front line, first infantrator/
got my own crib with a kid and a cradle/
dreams come true like we live in a fable/
spit through the mic, let it drip through the cable/
wanna see cream and cheese like a bagel/
so many seeds to feed, but I'm able/
buy you a home when my feet are more stable/