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Lurk In Space

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Gravityboy, lurking in space/
observing the race, descend with grace/
twirling a place, tossin' a car/
hurling a gate, you burn in my wake/
elevate with herbal intake, circle the states/
never let the vermin escape/
the rest of us to permanent grace/
Sattelite Souls, not Serpent and Snake/
prey on those who murder and rape/
pray for foes in service of faith/
succumb to fate, purpose to shape/
rid the earth of scourges and plagues/
pound the ground and surface a quake/
courts to bits and churches to flakes/
Uncle Sam perverse and insane/
steal every thing a person attains/
submerging in pain, cursing in slang/
bursting a vein, surge in the brain/
words disperse in circuits and chains/
traversing the plains/

No mercy for molestors and predators, let 'em burn/
locking 'em up and throwing them into rehab - they'll never learn/
and as long as salary increase/
for these faggot ass police/
all these cowards and these beasts/
posing hazard for the streets/
they wanna see us in debt/
keep us in check/
cut all our throats to bleed from the neck/
we're under no-reason arrest/
they owe all of you and me some respect/
to them - all of us guilty until proven otherwise/
so that's how I see them, tainting evidence and tellin' us tons of lies/
ain't nothing but a gang of criminals/
creating a system of pimps and hoes/
jerkin' us from our homes and workin' us to the bone for the minimal
I'm hoping to see a nation of Batmans and Vendetta Vs/
united and strong, unleashing a master plan on our enemies/
revolutionary Robin Hoods, Bravehearts, and Boondock Saints/
taking back from the rich and murdering all those who enslave/
people for power, who praise the almighty dollar sign
fingaz up to the oppresor high, where do you draw the line?/

Step to the scene, I'm King'a Konging/
trampolining all up on your/
dome until the skull disforms/
the form of how the brain is forming/
run with cats that never leave/
they only dormant, lurking the area/
pouncing as tigers, teeth of a Saber/
liable to devour the body of ignorance/
being headed with power that doesn't need it/
'cause we want the babies to succeed'em/