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Sane Song

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To you she is wise and full of pride/
though true she is dying inside/
from pain that hides/
behind smiles and a stride/
that sheilds the eyes/
of those passing her by/
physically, and emotionally beaten, bruised and battered/
this woman was shattered/
by every man that to her ever mattered/
her confidence damaged, her heart broken beyond repair/
this woman, look closely, she's there/

It's hard for a woman to make it in a man's world/
dad's girl lost, searching for an answer/
flows like a rapper, moves like a dancer/
not a simple secretary, that's for damn sure/
but they write her off as an amateur/
question her strength, question her character/
she's a lioness, not a weaker sex/
all the men in her life just supplying stress/
beat down and cheated on, still surviving - yes/
free from the spider's web, flee to a brighter new/
dear Popz, she strides on her own two/
lose to a man is something that she won't do/
tried to be good to you, but it's no use/
your heart is so dark, look and find a blown fuse/
loving daddy? no - you were so abusive/
she grew and she moved, need to get a clue prick/
she's got a plan, check the damn blueprint/
judge all you want, we all know the true script/
keep the two cents flying from your loose lips/
you don't understand words leave her bruised, quit/
she's cried enough, explodes from the slightest touch/
no one ever tells you life can be quite as rough/

Bammaz with no game, and no respect driving up/
actin' fools, high and drunk/
louder than a fire truck/
these "tough" guys like to cause masterful hurting/
but they couldn't bare the weight of even half of her burden/
man she's so sensitive behind the powerful surface/
she's been through so much, you might think she's sour for certain/
but she smiles everyday cuz it's not worth the tears/
from these hatin' ass chickens, and these cocks full of beer/
like "wsup shawty!", "hey baby!", "hola mamacita!"/
some coward that'll down a 40oz. and probably beat ya/
not concerned with anything except their favorite sports team/
scarred, but not afraid to fly, my angel with torn wings/
knows what she deserves so she waits for the right man/
until then she's focused, never strays from her tight plan/
takes herself serious, she's never play-dated/
though she's been hurt she's too smart to choose to stay jaded/
doesn't generalize, reads and keeps an open mind/
the kind of grown woman any grown man could hope to find/
independent, smart, and she look out for her peepz/
not like that bird on the corner who shout in the streets/
she's got a mind of her own, loud and proud when she speaks/
she don't walk around with a piece because she's down with some peace/
she's come a long way from black eyes with a ring around/
and you can hate all you want, but you'll never bring her down/
do your thang baby girl, keep ya head up and stay strong/
it's a crazy world, so I'm-a play you a sane song/

Scarred, but never ashamed,/
her pain has brought her gain/
giving birth to change/
and though life has molded her/
and she is not quite the same/
unbreakable, this woman - she remains/