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Some Days

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Some days are fuckin' bad/
black cats cross your path/
suffering like succotash/
don't got a buck in cash/
so we puff, puff and pass/
float like some hovercrafts/
destined to be upperclass/
call me Mr. Rubber Ass/
cuz I fall and bounce back/
swiping cheese from mouse traps/
clever wit, so scary/
Jerry on you house cats/
Itchy on you Scratchy fucks/
Bugs on you Daffy ducks/
Laffy Taffy sucks dick/
strictly for you trampy sluts/
gotta set priorities/
some things mean more to me/
disciplined and orderly/
fate has afforded me/
abilities, scorcery/
souls re-enforcing me/
baby boy is orbiting/
perpetual and rotary/
lost in purgatory, roam the globe immortaly/
larger than life, but in my heart - portably/
so long live your memory/
cherish y'all sincerely/
suffering unbearably/
Shadow and Gravity, we'll always be a family/
God's devine strategy, a blessing and a tragedy/

Some days are fuckin' chores/
all these things we can't afford/
the rich laughing at the poor/
we laugh right back & forth/
I'll never settle, work to do/
forever be demanding more/
of myself, planning more/
see the world, travel towards/
paradise, though non-existent in the physical/
this ol' individual isn't hoping for a miracle/
nobody answers prayers except ya god damn self/
to understand inner fear/
just check the man in the mirror/
know his strengths and his weaknesses, temptations and bad habits/
get all your priorities straight, not ass backwards/
learn the lessons of taking losses/
you're stressing, but you're feelin' me/
remember where you come from/
the blessings of humility/
spit it like an ill emcee/
and live to see infinity/
I make long term plans & tweak 'em every minute chief/
bloody-roar, inner beast/
physically in misery/
blazing 'til my spirit be/
written in the histories/
I hope to make somebody proud/
voice cracked, spit it loud/
giving birth - wicked sound/
holla if you're in the clouds/