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The Finger

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Bonez (aka DVS)



"I remember a time in Hiphop where you had to be so different from the next person, or you were trash.  There's a shift somewhere that happened that if it doesn't sound like everything esle - then it's trash automatically."
- Eminem  (from the 2018 Sway / Kamikaze Interview )

 …it don’t matter if you’re 17 or 21/

or flowin’ through your forties, if you hold a mic - get it done/
slow tip-toe to the goal? Nope, better run/
it ain’t about likes, get LOVE, man - forget a thumb/
rich or broke, if there’s a glimpse of hope/
you don’t gotta be a GOAT or have the sickest flow/
if they hate - give them a finger, let a critic know/
that they can lick and blow and watch inches grow/
your-lyrical skills don’t exist like a vegan burger/
at Five Guys, and you know when there’s beef it’s murder/
and I don’t wanna make no enemies ... please alert your/
peoplez not to take the situation even further/
this is real HipHop, and emcees get nervous/
when they play my MP3s or my CDs inserted/
your instrumental fiyah but beneath the surface/
you’re a mediocre Joker, without the beats you’re worthless/
all your music really does it get the speakers working/
(Dark Night) mics, black sheets & curtains/
I’m an old school writer, loose leaf & cursive/
HOT since the 90s and I keeps it burnin/‘
what is that?  Mumble rap? Man, you’re hardly a beast, in-/
fact you’re more like weeds in the Garden of Eden/
y’all be saying’ “I’m dead’ like your heart isn’t beating/
gotta clean out the junk, we’re flossin you teeth, a…/
...cerebral enema is what you all are in need of/
runnin' around and going nowhere, lost in a re-run/
you’re so damn slow you’re still fallin’ for Deez Nutz/
whoops) ...made you look like a bra with a D-cup/
(tag - you're it)…and see I have to insist … /
…that you don’t have to get pissed/
or get jealous at the fact I got a bag full of tricks/
My pen’s Poison Ivy with a passionate kiss/
…and we don’t have to throw fists/
…don’t want a tragic event … / (man down!)
we gotta come together like we sandwiching it/
you’re fuckin’ yourself, and it’s bad for ya hips/
so don’t act like a bitch… and grow up/
18 don’t mean “a man”(no sir)… you’re so dumb/
gonna have to resist… (chiggety-check yourself!) you don’t want/
want to be a Peter Pan… (or a Trump) and go nuts/
you’re afraid to face some responsibility/
you’re Halo’s fake, you ain’t on some killing spree/
sprayin’ flames - what’s y’all’s ability?/
my brain’s in pain so I’m-a spark a little weed/
and kill the noise, …them little boys/
all bark, no bars, no skill or poise/
or the sad manchild with a million toys/
pullin’ everyday Kanyes, “it was a choice”/
get bars, add weight and then raise ‘em up/
find some easter eggs, ready player one/
I don’t go to work full time, but ... me retire?/
ricockulous nonsense, Jesus Christ your…/
...too god damn high, put down the weed & lighter/
HipHop is not dead it just needs Revivals/
and if you still doubt Em and that he is fire/ (tell 'em)
…get the Kamikaze album, and be inspired/

'THE FINGER' is a re-interpretation of 'The Ringer ' by Eminem