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Toast to the Dead

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Bonez (aka DVS)


...we can't turn back the clock and we can not reverse days/
...we just wish we could still call you on your birthday/

My dear brothers and sisters, you are beautiful and not alone/
whether you're CEOin' or broke & don't got a home/
whether you're "school"ing or "dazed and confused"ing/
no matter what skin color, no matter what favorite music/
This world was already fucked up when you were born/
so you learned how to steal make-up and hide your porn/
you learned how to lie to your parents and do your dirt/
and when you think about it deep down it still hurts/
you've had your heart broken and you've broken other peoples' too/
you've had long dark nights from evil that we can do/
but the scars of the past don't write the future/
and some days you're barely keeping it together like a suture/
but we celebrate life, we crack brews and take puffs of this/
we're living in the age of Trump and it makes us fuckin' sick!/
to family, to neighbors, to soldiers and friends/
we put one up in the air, and we toast to the dead/
see - anytime somebody you love dies, it's too soon/
cuz your world splits, you don't know what's what and who's who/
and the pain never really goes away, you get stronger/
you take whatever is thrown in your face and it's an honor/
some of us have had to bury our sons and our daughters/
walkin' through the cemetery with flowers you've brought them/
some of us have had to spend many nights in the hospital/
and some got the call randomly, "...there's been a tragedy."

This last verse is for Randolph, dear brother I miss you/
you better believe that your music still bumps through the system/
and your boys are grown up ... almost, we tell 'em stories/
como pasan los años hermano, y te extraño/
Every time I step into this booth and go to work/
I can't not think of you and can't just ignore the hurt/
but that's what happens when you lose somebody that's close to you/
you hear their voice in your head like they're watching over you/
and I don't mean like the Bible, more like survival/
The best of you still lives in us, so listen up.../
None of us decide when we're born, we never ask for this/
and there's a lot of heartbreak searching for companionship/
you face harsh truths and the inevitable/
we say "forever" even though one day we're letting them go/
and there's nothing you can do except honor them somehow/
we toast to their memory and hope that we never see/
our loved ones fall, cry, stumble, or shed blood/
and what we would give just to see you again once/
just one more hug and one more conversation/
just to kick back with you, looking up at constellations/
so, thanks for the memories - we toast and write rhymes/
for the gifts that were you and the adventure of a lifetime/
we can't turn back the clock, and we can not reverse days/
we just wish we could still call you on your birthday.

Rest in peace... This one's for Randolph, ...for Melanie, ...for Jacque, ...for David, ...for Jayden, ...for Steve, ...for Lori, ...for Coco Bear, and you & yours.

...a Re-Interpretation of the original song by Immortal Technique & J-Dilla  originally featured on the album 'The Martyr' 
In memory of Randolph, Melanie, Jacque, David, Jayden, Steve, Lori, Coco Bear and to lost loved ones who continue to inspire us.

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