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Not To Be a Player

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Temptation…sets my destination/
My conscious intervenes…/
… but that only results in hesitation/
Creepin’ like a secret agent/
Told sweety meet at Regan/
Could… I… be mistaken?/
Should I proceed n’ take this/
chance…that could lead to pain and/
I don’t wanna hear complainin'/
Or fear retaliation/
Or make my baby’s tears/
pour out of desperation/
Or make my lady feel/
Short… on her respiration/
Force myself to love/
or divorce towards a separation/
Take the right course of action/
Stray from the force of Satan/
More to life than whores/
like doors to the Lord’s haven/
Blessings galore waitin’/
Dual income! More bacon!/
Cheating is morbid/
She will leave me forsaken/
Forfeit AMOR and/
fill my life with court cases/
Have a little more patience! Boyz!!!/

I'm just a man, straight mamal, cuckoo over the girls/
and I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice the curves/
especially in the summertime when they wearin' their skirts/
yeah, I'm-a look, but that don't mean I'm-a go over and flirt/
I used to be attracted to a certain type of female/
and get to blinded by the looks to peep the lies she would tell/
so many dime piece temptresses waive around the bait & hook/
guys with the faintest look/
gettin' done like Beowulf/
and it's not that I'm afraid or shook/
but I've already played the crook/
and karma said I owed big, sen't my ass a payment book/
bankrupted heart and soul/
sank in the darkest hole/
started over like a seed, but thankful I got to grow/
these days - faithful dude/
workin' hard, makin' moves/
no time to play the type of games that you "playaz" do/
stayin' cool/ see a 'hot-thang' - and I play it cool/
quit actin' like u never seen a girl, and wipe that baby drool/

- HOOK -
Not to be a playa/
playin' gets you caught up/
caught up with the ladies/
addicted to the lust/
what goes around town/
comes back around, now.../
you gettin' no play/
tryin' to re-live the old days/