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Relinquish Some Delight

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It's sad that the things you want the most come with twice the sacrifice/
all the time that we devote might decide the afterlife/
so incase that's my plight/
must relinquish some delight/
the mic of my will for my children and my wife/
and the blood that I love, and my bishops & my knights/
cognitive efforts towards precision of my strike/
done spittin' on the mic/
Pip this shit off to Mike/
pike in his grill 'til he wishes he was like/

you wanna be, you wanna be like Mike/
you wanna be, you wanna be.../

Locked and loaded/
number 1 like Oden/
my style is potent/
like potions from Dumbldorf/
insane in the brain/ put that thang on a dame/
ain't a game, I'm the ma-i-n of course/
but you already knew that/
still I gotta prove that/
too many doubters, I'm claustrophobic/
your best bet be to move back/
give me my space 'for I erase ya, call me Galactus/
eatin' rappers/
that should be actors/
doin' it just for practice/
listen I got a vision homie/
even though the world disow me/
most of my homies phony/
hoes actin' like they don't know me/
but I ain't trippin' shawty/
and I'm a soldier homie/
still marchin' towards the finish line/
I'm just moving slowly/
surely no one can stop me/
mayday, mayday, you copy?/
bitches screaming "hey papi"/
got haters plottin' to pop me/
I'm energized, won't stop, I'm-a keep goin'/
even if the river runs dry I'm-a keep flowin'/
so keep that in the back of your minds/
gonna make you bitchez kiss my ass when ya boi get signed/


Spittin' infinite, witness me rhyme like a beast roaring/
even if the river runs dry, I'm-a keep flowing/
serving haters on the grill, and all kinda beef smoking/
versatile, always keep a different side of me showing/
don't need to try to stay gimmick-free lyrically/
pity fools like Mr. T/
Halo soldier, killing spree/
running riot, so consistently/
coppin' piff to breathe/
twisting trees/
master your high, try not to skip a beat/
living in the land of the greed, home of the raged/
goin' insane/
slowing the pain/
and hoping for change/
and though I'm fucked the fuck up now, I'll be sober again/
and take a bowl to the brain/
torch it & flame/
roasting the crain/
and relinquish some delight/
sword of omen giving us the sight/
nocturnal like fishing in the night/
I know it's unfair the way we spittin' in this mic/
Dark Night! Stop bitchin' 'bout your life/
straight wishing you was like.../