1. Buck-N-Change

From the recording One Man Army

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- VERSE -You talk man, but you ain't really mastered this art/a clownfish in open water tryin' to battle a shark/you get no shine for that rhyme, I'll put you back in the dark/I'm still a Verbal Assassin comin' after the marks/and this time I'm only rippin' out half of your heart/you tryin' to go song-for-song, man - imagine the thought/and you can freestyle forever but that isn't smart/unless you got something to show for it you babble & stop/and that's it, so get back quick and let a man spit/gasoline for saliva boy, and the match lit/so many rappers aren't much more than just actors/and you sleepin' on me? I'll turn over the matress/hey, wake up and get with the times, connecting the lines/ain't a lot of minds as inventive as mine/when I sit down with a pen and make sentences rhyme/record-enable the red button and press it and I'm/doin' what I do, how I do - like a veteran/flow been off the chain ever since The Chain Letter and/I'm not goin' anywhere, they should've never let me in/cuz I got rhymes like Bush's closet got skeletons/livin' in the US, born South American/mother-earth's baby, my own Mama's second kid/I claim no religion, and I'm sorry if you're sensitive/but I don't believe in the "kingdom of heaven" or where the "devil" lives/yeah I said it bitch, so hate me if you want/I ain't givin' a fuck, you can't make me pick it upI don't bow to the 4th branch or popular opinion/I hate everything PC, and reality TV/Making the Band with P DeeDee, I'd rather be/knee deep in feces and fresh out of T.P./Sell out? You obviously don't know DV.../...S, and you need the facts like a broke hoe needs cheese/I got the remedy for all my enemies' jealousy/in the words of Paul McCartney, just Let It Be/you act like there's only room in this rap game for 10 emcees/and pretend to be the fuckin' big mack with extra cheese/please, I got 8 years under my belt/hearing all types of songs, cuz a bunch of 'em helped/to inspire this fire in me with something I felt/and made me feel I was invincible, untouchable, stealth/I grew up on Classic Rock, just ask my Popz/back then I wanted to sing, but that just wasn't my thing/and then my Mama turned her youngest son on to love songs/both of 'em taught me that music was the one bond/that everybody got in common no matter what's wrong/cuz pretty much every emotion done been touched on/cuz whether you're on cloud nine, or all of your luck's gone/music can make somebody feelin' weak stand up strong/and that's why I stay commited to writing lyrics cuz/it isn't just enough to make your point, they gotta listen up/and why I've given up freestyling pretty much/I'd rather take my time on a track like a woman I'm givin' some.../...to ...let me catch my breath/because what happens next is an emcee at his best/bein' honest with himself whether he passed the test/or needs to take it back a step, and practice just.../just a little bit harder to perfect the song or/risk droppin' something that he's gonna hate in the long run/protecting myself like when I'm wearing a condom/cuz I can pack more TNT in this bomb son/a million emcees in this world, you fuck with the wrong one/and you might get burned, so enhance your calm son/you think you're all that, you think you're so fuckin' awesome/but in the end, being cocky is what's gonna cost you/it's idiots like you that love to start a fight/the kind I hear about when I'm turning the news on at night/who care about nothing, man you'd probably merc me/cuz I was friends wit 'cha girl and bought her a slurpee/and I don't have time for petty crime, I graduated/cuz I'm-a live fine, sellin' rhymes, stackin' papers/let unsigned talent shine, give them a chance to make it/and work with idols of mine, until I've collaborated with/Bone Thugs, Redman, Eminem, Alicia Keys/Canibus, Dead Prez, Mya, Talib Kweli/Wu-Tang, especially RZA, Immortal Technique/Linkin Park, Christina Aguilera, X to tha Z/Nas, Ludacris, Sticky Fingaz, D-R-E/Outkast, Evanescence, Vivian Green/Rakim, Mos Def, Jedi Mind Tricks, Res/Michael Jackson, Rob Thomas, KRS-One, Kurupt, Pink/to name a few, it'll be insane with whom/I'm gonna be making you...you fuckers raise the roof/so pour a double shot of something atleast 80 proof/and something to chase it too, and give me space to move/cuz I'm-a start wildin' out after a couple more sips/and start a moshpit with everybody up in the mix/a whole mess of people jumpin' 'round, shovin' and shit/and no one actin' like a bitch throwin' punches and kicks/we all came to party, not to get stuck in the lip/and don't nobody wanna catch a bunch of knuckles and fists/that includes you too, unless there's something I missed/and you got a death wish, or you just dumb as a brick/it's like you haven't learned nothin' since Biggie and Pac died/no one got arrested, do you really think the cops tried/to find out who done it? Listen, I'm not blind/the powers that be don't give a fuck about our lives/I wouldn't get on the mic just for fortune and fame/but I'd do it cuz I have something important to say/and I don't want no one believing that I'm something I'm not/like a thug with a glock that I bust at the cops/cuz lying about who you are doesn't impress me/and one final note to all you underground emcees/who listening out there, I just wanted to say/that if you're true to yourself, I wish you luck in the game/stay commited, even through all the thunder and rain/when it looks hopeless and you feel like cuttin' ya veins/just forget about yesterday, man up to the pain/I know exactly what you're goin' through, I'm stuck in the same/that's why I rip mics like I'm fuckin' insane/and, hell yes - DVS just spit a buck and some change/I said that's why I rip mics like I'm fuckin' insane/and, hell yes - DVS just spit a buck and some change/Play 'BUCK-N-CHANGE' on YouTube Play 'BUCK-N-CHANGE' on iTunes / Apple Music Play 'BUCK-N-CHANGE' on Spotify Play 'BUCK-N-CHANGE' on CD Baby Play 'BUCK-N-CHANGE' on Amazon