From the recording Long Dark Night

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- HOOK -They see you & then they move/believe me, I tell you the truth/D'Evil that men can do/evil that men can do/- VERSE -You get slapped with the quickness for not puttin'/out five fingaz to the face and you get slapped in the mouth/tryin' to tell him no means no could get you killed/how it feel to receive dick against your will/or get Ike'd and stranded, bare ass and/all don't try to blame it on the alcohol/you can't expect respect moving as fast as y'all/letting him palm your ass like a basketball/beware D'Evil that men do without any regard/the wrong head is in charge, and now you're setting him off/cock-tease the wrong man, he cocks back a strong hand/open hand slap make you nap a long nap/at least it's better than getting popped full of lead/hospital bed just for not giving head/this dude'll pull out a pistol for no reason at all/trying to fill you full of his hard meat in the raw/people think that evil men have only one face/the world's too big for them to gather all in one place/from England, Japan, Afghanistan,/to the USA they give half a damn/cuz you could be tied up and thrown in the trunk/or get held for ransom by some criminal punk/and get fed to the pigs and ripped into chunks/and you beg for your life, but they ain't givin' a fuck/don't get cut up into pieced and then mailed to your fam/or get done like The Departed where they breaking your hand/you don't wanna be that guy getting tossed off a building/paraplegic, and now you've lost all the feeling/from the waist down, they found you all bloodied up/the fact that you're alive, my dude, you'z a lucky fuck/you'll be wishing the police had arrested you/getting caught the fuck up in the evil that men can do/- HOOK -They see you & then they move/believe me, I tell you the truth/D'Evil that men can do/evil that men can do/- VERSE -E to the V to the I to the L/reach far beyond the streets, man they thriving in jail/communicating with the block as they lie in a cell/and it ain't that simple that they die, go to hell/man, you can't kill them off like weeds in the lawn/better not piss them off yo, believe in this song/cuz they love to do dirt, they need to do wrong/like whiteboys in the burbs need trees in a bong/it's a full time job, and they're trying to get paid/business as usual, why would it change/even after they know there's wire taps on the phone/stone cold like Albanians trafficing hoes/to these low life dudes spending riches for bitches/what calamity, shit hits the fence and/fuck your family, business is business/pimpin' since pimpin' since pimpin' since pimpin'/and you know law enforcement's got rotten apples/everybody knows that cops are assholes/for no reason get thrown into the fence/you say police brutality, they say resisting arrest/better hope somebody's got the video tape/cuz a police state is just a criminal state/they're the biggest gangsters east coast to the west/nightstick to your face, to your throat, to your chest/nine broken bones a little closer to death/they don't show no mercy, they don't show no respect/we don't stand a chance, and we try living peaceful/we got picket signs, they got nine millimeters/and don't even get me started on the church's closet/collection plate picking your purse and pocket/better say a prayer cuz I curse your alter/this man is sick, call a nurse and doctor/- HOOK -They see you & then they move/believe me, I tell you the truth/D'Evil that men can do/evil that men can do/- BRIDGE / VERSE -Based on the books your prophets wrote/Eve ate the apple in Adam's throat/banned from Eden for Adam's apple/take any man as a bad example/Nagasaki, Hiroshima.../the devil's explosives blow shit up/worldwide military weaponry/if I speak out, they might threaten me/killers, thieves across seven seas/shooting sprees kill precious seeds/tax my cash by aggressive means/spend it on death like reckless demons/but my hopes will not collapse/i'll smoke and write lots of raps/Dark Night float across the map/spread love while they launch attacks/- HOOK -They see you & then they move/believe me, I tell you the truth/D'Evil that men can do/evil that men can do/Play 'D'EVIL (THAT MEN CAN DO)' on YouTubePlay 'D'EVIL (THAT MEN CAN DO)' on iTunes/Apple Music  Play 'D'EVIL (THAT MEN CAN DO)' on Spotify  Play 'D'EVIL (THAT MEN CAN DO)' on CD Baby  Play 'D'EVIL (THAT MEN CAN DO)' on Amazon