From the recording Long Dark Night

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I stimulate your senses like a hit of the bombest weed/
bleed my soul through pens and print it for all to read/
concrete jungle, and we live in the tallest trees/
and we don't ask for a lot, a little is all we need/
blessed with humility, so it doesn't bother me/
hearing through the grape vines the shit that you're talking b/
see me in the flesh and you witness a walking beast/
you - straight sorry like a written apology/
muse needs fuel, so I'm giving it all it needs/
I'm deeper than the surface like hidden 'symbology'/
calling the doggz out to sick all you costumed freaks/
a beast like Bird when you dish and he pops the three/
crowd goes wild, money! swish! and they're on their feet/
Verbal Assassins load the clip, find the mark and squeeze/
verses on point, I'm a lyrical monster chief/
and here's a gift from me to you, my dick in a box for free/