From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -You got no ambition? Raise your own stakes/aquire new skill every day the earth rotates/aspire much higher than previous attempts/fry the big fish, forget tedious events/ignore all the greed that the media projects/call it how I see it man, freely I profess/no talent bammaz fall in love with the camera/one hit wonder lack a whole lot of stamina/keep an alias like Hanna Montana does/spit quotables like main-man Canibus/use these words to paint vivid images/power of the mind - ancient and limitless/come take a journey at the pace of my dilligence/stay on task by the dates of the syllabus/much more at stake than your own satisfaction/a man of action, a saint to the villages/the humble and meek - raped of their privileges/show 'em a way to escape from the militants/pledge no allegiance to the states of imprisonment/all our lives we stay placed in predicaments/brown skinned faces encased in some tenements/products they sell us - laced with the venomous/flip that switch from haste to meticulous/then wipe my ass with a page from Leviticus/- VERSE -Some people say I'm a pessimist, I got a lot of rage in me/anyone who really know the Joker know I stay silly/roll another Dutch, I don't like to blaze Phillies/burn too fast like a 'whistle' Holiday Inn-ing/sittin' and contemplating, chillin' on my big couch/thinking 'bout your momz and how she's filling out her fish mouth/you heard right, all types of random gettin' dished out/pulling no punches like a bare knuckle fist bout/gotta find laughter in the states of imprisonment/racist-ass people full of hatred and bitterness/never stop learning, start taking an interest in/the power of the mind, ancient and limitless/government isn't into saving the children, it's/wasting billions outerspace in these little ships/braindead citizens chasing the quickest fix/watching from the side, entertained, as I twist a spliff/- VERSE -Revolutionary warfare, it's my course here/quality is fake like women wearing horse hair/of course, yeah/ I got the patience of a boss/I'm racing in the Porche/gettin' chased by the law/court cases gettin' tossed/when the money is involved/justice isn't blind, she don't cater to us all/and aw...y'all think it really isn't bad/I just think you should've made the most of what you niggaz had/you right, so I'm-a take my own damn advice/get up, get out, and take everything you like/the system - corrupted/fuck it, you gotta love it/cuz everything I have, shit - I took from the public/and I just sell it back/when I put it in a rap/I'm just sayin' what I feel, but y'all take it as a fact/you can take me how I am, or leave me where I'm at/two things I gotta do - pay taxes & stay black/