From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -I'm on top of this/and I'm rockin' this/cuz I'm probably pissed/one strap, one hand when I cock and spit/one cat, one BLAM and you droppin' quick/one flat dumb cat that was poppin' shit/blood all on the floor, gotta mop the shit/then I gotta go escape from the cops & shit/fuck that, no man won't stop my grip/or it's back to the block, rocks, glocks & clips/shit, I'm just a crazy nigga/eyes straight hazy nigga/born in late 80's nigga/tryin' to make some figures/don't wanna spray these triggers/make a coward break that's bigger/snatch his chain, take his glitter/wave & hit 'em/- VERSE -I wanna rap forever/I wanna stay clever/I plan to weather storms, transform to Mayweather/and land a haymaker/I'm not a cake baker/but it's a celebration, defeated nemisis/I clean the premisis/the deepest crevasses/I play my flute and you rats follow me to the steepest precipice/don't get pissed if you slip/from the tip to the bottom/that SPLAT oughta taught 'em/falling like the autumn/Osama-lama-laicum/chuckles from spectators/as I crumble up his paper/in the garbage pail/rhyme was weak and frail/you'll spend a week in jail/you'll bend and get molested/then end up eating tail/I hope you brought your tongs/for tossing all that salad/you'll probably wear a thong/and then they'll let you have it/rap is full of faggots/Diddy-idiotic habits/your asshole is Puffy cuz you're sitting on a fallace/- VERSE - I keep on showing the flow, you know I break 'em off/break 'em with fluid movements/doin' music that's from the heart/from the start/ I've always been on the mark/couldn't picture me fallin' off/and droppin' some whack bars, thus far/my track record's impressive and I'm only gettin' better/with verses that vary like the weather/and reaches you like Blackberrys/blow your mind like black berettas/now imagine if I rap forever/who the fuck could see my level/without cowering down in terror/the art of keepin' my mind sharp/and keepin' my rhymes raw/keep feeding these thoughts biting off metaphors/yeah - you know what I'm spittin' for/no man can ever stop me/I'm rap's herbal proxy, head knotty/hands like twin shotties droppin' bodies/ey, yo - son, you better run for cover/reach and clap that thunder/go ahead and call up numbers/sound the trumpets V.A. is coming/you better run for cover/reach and clap that thunder/go ahead and call up numbers/sound the trumpets/you know who's coming/- VERSE -I put in five on a dutch/and don't drive with a clutch/he's eye-balling me, and I'm sizing him up/and I don't really want to be fighting and stuff/but I'm-a be good and ready if he try something dumb/I don't trust nobody, keep on moving down the line/everybody's guilty until proven otherwise/I got a lot of shit I wanna do before I die/shamrock, I don't got no room for you to ride/go that way, make tracks/never come back/you're a whack emcee with a bum rap/catalogue butt-ugly like a hunchback/mine's hot like a fifty foot sunlamp/I hold the mic right/give my third eye sight/spit what my life's like/because I got my mind right/