1. Bad Listener

From The Recordings Html


- VERSE -Have mercy on her soul/I lost all control/I cost us the whole/world, and I broke your threshold/stress so much we dead slow/let's go back in time, presto/chango, sweet angel/never meant to taint you/I'm wicked, vindictive/masochistic, the pain is addictive/I cry to the heavens for your angel to listen/lord give a daughter exactly what she's missin'/stop dissin' her/we pray, but you're not a good listener/where the hell you at?/- VERSE -It's been so many moons/and she's weeped out lagoons/cried her some rivers, now release alll that gloom/deliver her from doom real soon/let her see that the blessings will bloom/Bliss beyond the tomb/breathe life in her womb/make a wife of her soon/with the most righteous groom/make it safe to assume/|and exume all the love that she lost & consumed/She's a saint at the core/but the pain of remorse/keeps angel grounded restraining that force/when it should take it's course/and soar thru the skies, reach folks by the scores/Life's been a chore/and we all must explore/live by the pen, but don't die by the sword/and the Lord will reward/for each tear that you poured/no longer ignored/salvation's in store/