1. Bottoming Out

From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -Lessons get learned, mistakes get made/tryin' to make up for the wasted days/I wake to the sound of my racing heart/take a pause/locate the cuase/just thinkin' about the night before/remembered that movie Sliding Doors/shouldn't be gettin' so high and so weak/with so much I say that I'm fighting for/maybe I am afraid to asnwer the call/after all, with my back on the wall/hamster wheels like teenagers out at the mall/having a ball/so sick of this life I yak in the stall/flushing the past/no intentions of coming on back/and gettin' caught, stuck in the trap/rubbed off the map/thinkin' about what my homie told me/watch who you hug & you dap/never without my jigga-be-cool stick/packin' numchucks in the sack/trust nobody, haven't you heard/one of those rules that had to get learned/before some bamma has to get served/and something tragic emerge/love thy neighbor like thyself/swallow your pride cuz you might need help/you run the streets? or the streets run you?/go read a book wit 'cha trifling self/I'm taking a break, meeting my One/to dine under the evening sun/I need to recharge/ problems get large/and I'm fresh out of reasons to run/- VERSE -Who cares what they see in me/I look to the sky like - set me free!!/If not, I stop praying, so let me be/every morning when I wake I gotta fiend the green/I had the super bowl won, then I lost my team/this is destiny - what you've done to me/you done made me a G that'll fight for things/but now I gotta see that I'll need shoes on her feet/gotta put food on the table she can eat/what in the world will she think of me/cuz the things I did so she could be/the only girl on the block with a destiny/the only girl on the block with a daddy/then wonder why I'm here, so she can see/it's real unconditional love, it's true happy/now I'm bottomed out, and this is your daddy/the shell of a man that can hardly see/streets in front of me, it's harder & harder/trust me, I'm-a never leave/and I'm-a struggle with air so you can breathe/Mommy broke my heart, I'm so sorry/my choice then, we would be married/fought so much, it would be scary/this is here, this is now, and I'm your daddy/please bare with me/life's hard for me/I don't want you to see/these horrible things/that life can bring/let me deal with these things/so you can dream/wait, stop, let me think/ok, understand that I'm finally free/this whole life, live mentally/put it together with a strategy/until check made, d-e-a-d/- VERSE -The bills are late, and I'm unemployed/saving is hard/it's breakin' my heart/and credit's no good no more, the store ain't takin' my card/no way I'm-a starve/it ain't just me myself and I/thinking about my nephew's cries/health of body, health of mind/and so until the death we ride/stressed because I let things fall apart/but now I'm over the past/knowing the path/settin' a course for boot camp - my soldiers in class/get ready for war, these inner demons/never been more, I feel 'em breathing/back of my neck/ tracking my steps/hunting me like it's killing season/out for the squish, won't give 'em a reason/|I'm kicking and screaming to save my soul/take control/break the hold/and get out before the cage is closed/never too late to better your life/but once, but measure it twice/patience and discipline seperate king from the pawn/men from the mice/bottoming out, so hard to get up/cuz just when you think that positive luck's/coming around/to buck up the frowns/when smokin' ain't working to up any downs/punch in the mouth, reality checks/you start to wonder what tragedy's next/to take your progress back a few steps/and hope for the strength to handle the stress/- VERSE -The rich get approved, the poor get denied/public school - it barely supplied/I died inside/ now roll deep, rarely divide/credit cards - they ate me alive/slippery snakes, slippity-slide/wicked and sly/interest rate - a dick in the eye/pick 'em apart with venomous rhymes/fine print indicates/threacherous lies, then they/expect you to rise/when hypocrites already made sure you met your demise/sever the ties/clever and wise/move aside/and never despise/weather the skies/rain or shine, love and joy will enter my life/to venture inside/adventurous strides/take me around the globe to fill the lobes in your mind/hoping to find/my chosen divine/my slice of the pie/leave a verse for y'all to recite/after I die, will remain/in your brain just to remind/some to reflect, some to refine/some to accept, some to decline/my legacy will look for you/never have to come to the shrine/though my body's stuck in some pine/think outside the box, just hovering high/a lover of life/a writer of strife/ferocious rapper, tiger with stripes/