From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -I got fire in my heart/desire and a spark/Pharoah ain't smart/he's just a liar and a shark/the cardiac beats for the chior and the harp/saliva secretes to aquire the remark/aspire to euphoria/fill the auditorium/the road to glory's oh so boring and laborious/intricate verbiage, toxin loaded scorpions/the nature of my work - killing like Kevorkian's/weak little shorties get played like accordion/so get big kid, and bring the panademonium/lyrics get you high, I supply 'em with opium/more skills than Kobe, a vivid cornucopia/slicker than petrolium/when behind the podium/verses radiate like weapons grade plutonium/faggot ass rappers win awards from Nickelodeon/MTV rappers straight bitch like Amazonians/- VERSE -Undisciplined rappers catch straight disrespect/blaze 'em & put 'em out on their butts like a cigarette/and even though my salary ain't no six figures yet/at least I ain't like y'all - whack juiced & drippin' wet/I spit 50 calibur verses that straight split the vest/and strangle your microphone with both hands, and grip the neck/imagine me spittin' knowledge to a crowd a thousand deep and/top of my game, on the regular, pounding speakers/I aim to spit verses on a Papoose calibur/y'all tryin' to spit verses on some whack fool's calibur/some try to get famous always askin' to battle you/it's Dark Night Records, and I bask in the shadow punk/I spit Godzilla rhymes that make you get down and duck/left Jurassic footprints everywhere that my sounds have bumped/there was a time you clowns were funny, but now it's done/your arms are too short to box with God another round you bum/