1. Disastrophy

From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -Dawg, I move with the swiftest feet/when it come to violence, dude - I don't stick with peace/I'm the type to come thru and cruise in a rented jeep/with more backpacks than a student facility/the cruelest ability/when fools even mention me/I fuse tools 'til you losing your memory/you dudes ooze, you will soon be a mystery/I pull presidential moves like I'm Clinton's peepz/and prove I'm too sick to see/I rhyme my lines and I'm well known, prick/ask about me on the block, bet a shell blow quick/so go and tell your clique/it's soon gon' be finished and you holdin'/on to your minutes like a cell phone clip/that's what I'm tellin' your people/you already heard it, so I'm there with the sequel/you're already nervous, so I better just leave you/if Hip-Hop is dead, then I'm Resident Evil/- VERSE -- VERSE -The state of Hip-Hop, a disastrophy/Select few Emceez composed a master piece/Pass the weed! Speak psychoactively/Cowardly bastards act so dastardly/It takes years to achieve mastery/TV N' Radio manufacturing/Second-rate feather-weights/Clever phrase emanates/Rapes and inseminates/Devastates! Heaven's Sake!/Dead Pope! Reverand slain!/Let it pour! Let it rain!/Let us soar! Meta-morph!/Transform...and roll out!/Let a rap loose/Like Papoose!/Smack foolz!/Take away thier dignity like a jack move/Blue, black bruises lookin' like some tatoos/Give a fuck NOT cuz I'm stoned like a statue/Lookin' past you/Like glass dude/I glance thru/Sorry but the sad truth,/it was past due/- VERSE -On the mic we like 300, ain't no muthafuckin' stoppin' us/you tryin' to write a clever verse - preposterous, ricockulous/I spit that realistici shit, the knowledge buff/ponder stuff/tryin' to get my wallet stuffed/didn't go to college, what!/you a fairy, flower fuck/soft, homo powder-puff/poppin'-faggot-collar chumps/you shouldn't even be droppin' cuts/rhyme at a hundred miles per hour, stunt/now you're done, son/roll or get rolled over like a monster truck/you coward punk/wasting all that 2 inch tape/and hard drive crucial space/actin' hard, but you a fake/I bump it loud so you can wake/you ugly like a plastic surgeried bamma's ghoulish face/doo-doo based hot steaming pile of green human waste/it ain't enough to say that you a whack emcee/cuz actually/you only spit that hot-fiyah breath, so back up please/if you're the king of this rap shit - then suck a dick your majesty/your lack of skill's a tragedy/one big ass disastrophy/