1. Early Morning

From The Recordings Html


- VERSE -I wake up early in the morning, and roll right back to sleep/but not before I grab and reach/for my 20 bag of trees/relieve the insanity/ so high, defy gravity/you'll need a couple ladders B/my elevated strategies/paint another masterpiece/ill rhyme factories/hills climbed at the speed/I spill lines - rapidly/spit-shine whack emcees/who kill time tragically/instill mind fallacies/I feel my allergies/sick and so tired that I'm-a take the day off/make the bomb grub, blaze and just gaze into thought/take Sinatra, Bone Thugs and Marvin Gaye for a walk/the clouds fill the sky beautifully, it's gray in the park/I listen to the rain fall and hope it starts pouring/just to cancel some baseball and close some golf courses/god I love these productive days, cuz I'm never bored when/I'm in the zone, puff a 'j' in the early morning/- VERSE -I wake up in the early morning, peel the covers back/check my agenda for the day, grab a dutch and sack/roll the finest piff that'll push a brotha back/then count a couple stacks/ somethin' you suckaz lack/push the Pac up in the stereo and run it back/then hop up in the shower, brush my teeth, and puff a black/and then it's time to rush the map/where the pumpers at/see theh cops, then I'm slowin' down, and duckin' back/because the block's hot, 'round here they tuck a strap/and if you muthafuckaz act/they will buck n clap/and fuck the friendships, so watch who you hug & dap/mind your own business, watch who you trust wit dat/the cash, yeah - the hoes fuck ya for the lust of that/but in the daytime the bitch want her husband back/these thoughts goin' through my head as I'm slumpin' back/blazed off the hydro, plus I clutch the gat in the early morning/- VERSE -- VERSE -Early in the morning I'm still up in the den/with a pad and a pen/writing like I'm trapped in the pen/unsure of my strength, whenever I spit I make the bars bend/make weak rappers fold when I go all in/sleep deprived, cans of Red Bull help keep me wired/like nuclear war heads armed and ready to fire/the time is now, the position is where I'm sittin'/the agenda is every sentence that's written/is enough to cause a caniption/with fine tuned precision/I erase the division/ between improv spittin'/and the beautiful composition/and in a minute I'll be blazin' until I'm soaring/closing my eyes to another glorious morning/- VERSE -I'm an early riser/wiser man, plan devisor/eyes on the prize, blowin' like a damn gyser/Keiser in the rap game/arsenal like Max Payne/verses by the piles, styles that adapt to change/charged brain matter/makin' lames scatter/plain tattered rags, but yet/tryin' to live like Wayne Manor/true to my iron core/rap with a lion roar/gotta make that doe, none of us are dyin' poor/take to the sky and soar/realestate, buying more/Nightmare - giant sword/pulvarize competition, strong like a dinosaur/today I'm kinda poor/when will I find a door/Sattelite Souls, descend and I'll climb aboard/take me to the mothership/Earth's inhabitants can suck a dick/comet's 'bout to hit/early riser dawg, long since evacuated/destination calculated/fine tuned and calibrated/