From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -Rarely take a hastey paste, build my base/and foundation, case the place, analyze these shady states/then I move strategically, sabatoge the regency/encoded frequencies that only my peepz can see/the decadent demon breed proceed with no decency/see 'em on the streets and I release the beast in me/THC, psylo-sibin, psychoactive style I'm spittin' mile a minute/overdosing, comatising, someone please dial a clinic/dead weight, body numb, killuminati come/and leave 'em breathless like a rotting lung/gotta smoke less amounts, stop stressin' out/to pay Uncle Sam back I write checks that bounce/so fine and devout is my wifey, my spouse/she's the heart of the house, now spark up an ounce/then write, then pronounce, then strike with a pounce/Kitty, fight with a mouse, cuz a rat is a traitor/straight hater, perpetrator, never cater to a suit and tie/they get rich, troops just die, train to see truth and lie/we will find proof in time, Professor NeutonStein/looping rhymes, written stacks, rippin' tracks, giving back/driven mad, ass kissers sniffin' crack, lick and lap/fecal traces, office spaces filled with evil faces- VERSE -- VERSE -I spit verses like Matrix code, too complex for teeny boppers/braindead already, don't even exist, nobody needs to pop ya/D.N.A. - seasoned roster, do it again even hotter/genetic defective, beanie-copter bamma rappers - please just stop it/we need balance like a Hattori Hanzo sword/I'm rich with the rhymes like the lottery, rhymes galore/you small time Geico lizards tryin' to be dinosaurs/big ballers at the club, party from 9 to 4/transmitting morse code, fire travels scortched roads/lighters let us torch bowls, tighter than some cornrows/rhyme and make the storm blow, dive into the 4th row/mind entered and door closed, wildin' like a court show/watch ya back, friend or foe? Encoded Frequencies/better half help me grow, sent forth to be with me/give me strength to persevere through hard times, hurt and tears/keepin' away from the popo cuz I ain't tryin' to do no 30 years/