1. Hallucination

From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -Spittin' the truth, smokin' a bowl/stay in the lab like there's nowhere to go/pen to the pad, low and behold/stackin' sheets like folding some clothes/window to soul open and closed/razor sharp, poking some holes/new breed of emcees broken the mold/spit hot fiyah, you froze in the cold/dig in the closet for coat & the skully/lace up the boots, it's supposed to get muddy/P.O.W. soldiers get bloody/trapped in the system, hopeless and hungry/doughnut cops get swollen and pudgy/soulless and cold, they old and they ugly/these founding fatherss openly snub me/except when I roll with Smoke-y and Puff-y/- VERSE -- VERSE -I'm hypersensitive to inspirtational sources/I ace my courses/check mate, can't escape from raging horses and rooks/read rhymes from the pages of a sorcerer's book/ these verses and hooks/surge through the surface and journey/through my nerves and what occurs/is a nourishing surge/these ceremonial herbs/burn like a burden, burn all these concerns/as the pages turn/learn from past chapters, last laughter/is sweet, but I wanna be the first/so I gotta rehearse/cuz things seem to get worse/and I don't wanna eat dirt/rather land feet first/and be the cream of the crop/I'll see the scene of a crime/deduce the scheme and the plot/produce it steamin' and hot/chemistry on this team is like peas in a pod/we got no reason to stop/like Krayzie Bone said, divine forces "order my steps"/I never find myself bored or depressed//- VERSE -Flowin' ridiculous, mission impossible/hurtin' the track - it's in the hospital/complex verses, lyrics and obstacles/hot like a dime lickin' a popsicle/rocking your world like a chicken on top of ya/brutal kicks like a prisoner stompin' ya/left-right-left, 'til you spittin' and coughing blood/bitter and sweet, like hittin' a chocolate blunt/and that's just how B-O-N-E-Z get down/because most of the lot of you emcees is clowns/you can pack a show, but can't please no crowds/and even now/you're somewhere sittin' and writin' about - nada/the lot of your rhymes caca/call the doctor to shock you/ you're dead/