1. Ironman

From the recording Long Dark Night

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After this epic verse, I'm done with this rap shit/
I'll unplug the mic, hang it up, you can have it/
know you're probably shocked, like - what's up with this madness?/
my mic inside a time capsule under the matress/
that's all kinds of backwards like a tumble and backflip/
y'all know how I do, man - I cuss and I crack wit/
nobody needs to trip, nobody wants to get fat lip/
looking busted in the mirror, blood on the napkin/
I'm-a spit a couple verses with the minimal of curses/
compound-syllablye, lyrical the wordsmith/
I can print it, I can cursive/
there isn't nothing worse than/
the heart of a no heart quitter in a person/
I thought I told y'all it's all about persistence/
every now and then we all strike out and whiff big/
no surrender like Bone Thugs, pound the spic fist/
I go the distance like my son's fountain pisses/
I hit the booth and try to grasp my focus/
spit something so vicious - they'll have to notice/
everybody's life story's got dramatic moments/
I try to take shallow minds and crack them open/
get your mind in the zone, maybe pack a bowl hit/
look around for a pen and notepad, now quote this/
shout out to my fam who I'm glad to roll with/
it seems that the years have been passing so quick/
we've just gotta keep making moves and that's that/
even when shit happens and you get slapped back/
learn from your mistakes, follow clues and backtrack
/come back strong in part two and smash cats/
sharpen the sword and keep pushing record/
'til we can buy all the things we couldn't afford/
I keeps it humble/
make beats that rumble/
THC in lungs/
holler peace and love son/
2 am session - that's a day in the life man/
black light glowing at the base of the mic stand/
spit and hit hard like a dangerous right hand/
jstorm on the horizon - better change up your flight plans/
my band consists of me, me and me/
like Agent Smith trying to see Reeves bleed/
be a nine-deuce Barcelona Dream Team beast/
who twice in a lifetime achieved three-peat/
fuck yeah, let loose like border patrol dogs/
it's not looking good like a horrible scorecard/
touch up the mixdown and lower the floor tom/
staying up writing past 4 in the morn dawg/
is he really 'bout to spit three hundred and four bars?/
Olympic gold caliber flow, I warned y'all/
no matter what you call it - I'm just making music/
you can pass it to the left after taking two hits/
let me get you high for the long dark night/
write a verse in pitch black by the alarm clock light/
if bad dreams come around - just man up/
you're not really getting beat down in handcuffs/
you're not really 'bout to get murdered in cold blood/
you're not about to see the whole world just go nuts/
like 2012 - fighting for survival/
you wake up to a blunt, get to lighting it and fire up/
about to wrap up another album real soon/
spit at the top of my game? yeah, I still do/
nastier than a bathtub with mildew/
in memory of Yak - pop a bottle and spill brew/
Ironman like a P90X dude/
patience before I decide the next move/
studio monitors shaking the cave walls/
corner pocket - going straight for the 8 ball/
I blaze up and let the pen control me/
reminisce about Yak, one of the best of homies/
stay incognito to the death - shinobi/
free hand reaching for the weapon slowly/
murder the mic, spit like a vet, an o.g./
don't really get drunk, but hell yes I smoke weed/
spit hot fiyah, pay attention closely/
shout out to my fam in the seven-0-three/
you'll know when I'm coming, you can feel the drum/
hit rattling the rim - with the steal, he dunks it/
bump in the trunk, sick beat you're thumping/
get down like your momz on her knees to suck dick/
my name on your wall when I pee in public/
Billie Jean's not my lover, I just beat it up quick/
in the back seat - damn, we got feely-touchy/
fogging up the windows, steamed it up quick/
just give me a pen, a few pieces of paper/
a nice ass beat with unbelievable flavors/
more bars than AT&T, The Creator/
my pen stay dripping, I don't need an eraser/
fuck a 3 minute 30 second top ten single/
I can't seem to stop like we've popped them Pringles/
get big like Paul, George, John and Ringo/
DNR on your cell phone - cop the ringtone/
subject change - I ever tell you how I kill beats?/
how I make it's life liquid pool and spill streaks/
abuse it and move the crowd like President Bill's speech/
and serve it any way you want like outdoor grilled meat?/
slapping the crap out of beats, calling them Nancy/
you wish that I keep my fingers off 'em like hands free/
make it say my name bitch, like Jim with a band geek/
white girls down for a dick in the ass - freaks/
I hit 'em where it hurts like a cock-puncher/
make it do a hundred push ups like - DROP! .. "One, Sir!"/
straight shittin' on a beat like a commode/
keep a super bowl packed, peace piping the dro/
session's getting mad late and it's such a beast sound/
the beat's too beat for another beatdown/
but I keep going like Ike on Tina/
spit 'til the beat applies ice to deep cuts/
spit 'til the drive runs out of gigabytes/
get the cave more dark now and hit the lights/
loving what I do, man - I'm proud to grip a mic/
whack muthafuckaz wonder how the shit I write/
so many bars on this caliber, no hoax/
have a seat son, you can't chatter with grown folks/
you got a thousand bars? I got a thousand or more quotes/
step up your game a little faster you slowpokes/
any day now could be your time to shine/
and you won't ever have to work another nine to five/
workin' in the stu, feeling alive inside/
all you do is live good, get high, and rhyme/
'til you can't fight the sleep and them tired eyes/
more verses to write and you gotta find the time/
I don't get much sleep and I ain't trying to lie/
spitting on 'til I fry my entire mind/
holy shit like John, Peter and Paul/
guess who's in the booth again, good evening y'all/
put the crackberry down, I'm not receiving your calls/
I got three hundred bars and I'm unleashing them all/
take a breath here and there, I got green in the jar/
and it almost feels like PODing with Dolph/
man that's old school shit like cleaning the cloth/
signing off - B O N E Z and I'm gone/
...standing by the window listening to the rain hit/
verses create lift/
everyday it's the same shit/
my rhymes hit hard like a blunt of the K-Biz/
left-right panning make the cut so spacious/
your mind is a base, my rhymes invade it/
I’m patient/
never wonder where the day went/
every now and then - DNA collaboration/
swerving out of control, I guess it's time to have the brakes fixed/
ProTools 8 - holler back to the make-shift/
microphone hanging from the ceiling by the tape strip/
the difference between a slop box and a great mix/
began exploring that back when I was in grade six/
four band EQ, that was amazing/
positioning the speakers all kinds of locations/
there must be no antidote, I remain sick/
spitting everywhere from the closet to the basement/
you can't do much against four aces/
a Spartan phalanx in full formation/
kidnap the boss on christmas vacation/
reinstate bonuses or die in the snake pit/
I got a verse for any occasion/
got verses more fat than two plates of bacon/
verses for the haters we be driving ape shit/
put a smile on their face like a Joker facelift/
everybody wanna blow up like a bra with fake tits/
overnight celebrities, rich and famous/
only seeing five percent, signing shit so anxious/
dreaming about rotation - getting in your playlists/
I don't make club music for the women to shake hips/
I dig into your hearts through the non-invasive/
emancipate y'all from mental slave ships/
and rhyme deep thoughts for your entertainment/
super sweet 16s like MTV/
will bring energy/
through the centuries/
third eye stays open cuz it helps me see/
who the hell we be/
the mic sets me free/
got holes in my head to let the thoughts flow freely/
shoplift the brain, never get caught, so sneaky/
I'm hard to recite, you better lock your repeat/
'til you recognize what I do is not so easy/
casting my footprints on this earth/
it's not about which rapper spits the longest/
verse but about who's verse got the strongest worth/
with back to back to back bars and words/
I'm a real simple dude just leaving his mark/
spilling his soul from way deep in his heart/
puffing trees in the park/
while I'm feeding the dog/
he wheeze and I cough/
and I start releasing my thoughts/
like, the world's my blank page and I'm it's pen/
no boundaries to how far my rhymes extend/
I put the bump in your ride like a seismic ten/
bitch slap writers block in my mind again/
I'm a veteran emcee, I was rhyming when/
Bone Thugs did The Art Of War in ninety-sev../
..en, it's time to get real, so why pretend?/
I'm-a move this crowd like Simon Says/
rocking all black , stealth mode/
head to toe, every show/
no point in being an artist if you never grow/
hybrid joint like middys getting mixed with some better dro/
it makes me feel beast like I'm Mr Incredible/
fuck a hangover, blaze good and stay good/
get high powered like a black belt when he break wood/
the world's so diverse and you just want to stay hood?/
diversify your funds, son - before it's too late, could../
..any freestyle spit verse/
test my scriptures?/
get lyrically fit first/
or spit 'til your lip hurts/
so many rappers don't even love what they do/
only in it for a groupie bitch, a blunt, and a brew/
my shit's the shit/
down to the dick you dicks/
drum beats get beat down and hit with sticks/
a magician's gift/
I’ll show them bitchez tricks/
piff give lift/
and I spit lyrics/
to the fans in Bolivia - les agradezco/
Dark Night show you love, mi hijo les manda besos/
these all night bowl sessions queman el pecho/
burn like the roof is on fire with a flecha en el techo/
I spit fire like Beowulf's bastard son/
so hot you'll retreat, turn back and run/
this shit's so easy, I'm just having fun/
Pip to Jordan alley-oop, two handed dunk/
blaze one with me, let me take you to the moon/
cuz a fat ass blunt is still safer than a shroom/
expand your mind beyond the petty beefing/
heads with no brains - lettuce - leaves 'em/
bad company is like a black cloud overhead/
back stabbers, rat bastards, .. that's how cold it gets/
two people exchange words 'til pap-POW! no more threats/
and somebody gets a fat round hole in chest/
gotta be low key/
take it slowly/
the old me would jump the gun but it ain't '03/
me and my bro - we've/
found our own queens/
together - both seeds/
legacy proceeds/
trying to make bucks like Bucks, got big dreams/
that's why I spit mean/
bars at windscreens/
nothing in the music biz is what it seems/
suits mislead/
with fine print you misread/
do it independent and become your own biz/
upgrade to wifey, dump your old chick/
don't let temptation butt-fuck your focus/
on some average groupie that loves to blow dick/
you gotta be ready incase someone approaches/
and needs to catch wreck, slug with both fists/
crazy ass haters wanna cut your throat quck/
no reasoning with them, fucking hopeless/
it's all just a matter of the caca-dookie/
dropping shit like when I plop a two piece/
I get inside the booth and start hocking loogies/
these hundred bar verses ain't nada new chief/
if only Randolph could be here today/
to spit rhymes in the park with the three and play/
he could meet JR and help him steer away/
from trying to be somebody else, make it clear and say../
..you gotta love who you are and love what you got/
watch for the ball breakers busting cocks/
try not to engage in fisticuffs a lot/
cuz the cops come quick with them cuffs and locks/
you could lose your rights/
or you could lose your life/
don't be a fool and try/
to look cool and die/
pay a heavy cost for your brutish pride/
it's a .. suicide! - it's a suicide!/
this life's too short to be sad forever/
or be materialistic chasing after treasure/
get your mind right, get your act together/
and create big things like a mad inventor/
I could change the world with one platinum quote/
far greater than I ever could casting a vote/
my rhymes are chain letters like passing a note/
put a smile on your face like cracking a joke/
chasing after cars - my doggz pissing wild/
since the last album, i know it's been a while/
now I'm a man with a wife and a little child/
multi-talented artist, I got a million styles/
I unleash and get buck/
feet to kick nuts/
you don't need to spit none/
so keep your lips shut/
CDs to get done/
trees in thick blunts/
now we can spit chunks/
eat a dick son/
and listen up good like you're ear's to the wall/
my mans to the right cut, now I'm dealing the cards/
no matter if you're a soldier or a leader in charge/
cuz I'm about to get sick like a wheeze and a cough/I
only wish I could reach you and teach you the art/
we could all be beasts with sharp teeth and some claws/
and come together like folks who Tai Chi in the park/
cuz I want freedom for we like I want freedom for y'all/
but some of y'all not seasoned like meat in the raw/
think you're keeping it real, but you're keeping it wrong/
hitting corners drunk, looking for a beef and a brawl/
talk shit cuz you''re thirteen deep with your doggz/
wouldn't dare pick a fight if we even the odds/
so enhance your damn calm like a Swedish massage/
swear to god you're a strong man heaving a log/
a used-to-be tough guy like Steven Seagal/
probably fight mad dirty like feet to the balls/
the kind who's quick to pull a gun for no reason at all/
making crowds hit the ground like leaves in the fall/
POP!-POP!! .. oh, the humanity of it all/
alcohol, greed and guns - a bad combination like bleeding and salt/
can't believe what you saw/
grown folks acting stupid like teens in the mall/
or Mr no rubber lover who beats it up raw/
who fucks and forgets her, mistreating her heart/
making all kinds of promises, speaking real soft/
I relieve stress when I drop a beat for the song/
get my forest fire on, burn trees - and I'm gone/
I make noise like a fire truck - ring the alarm/
and if you drop a whack album - your CD will get tossed/
Dark Night hard to see like a flea in the fog/
and I've come to bring the fuckin' pain like a knee to the jaw/
I mix the good shit like combination lo mein/
verses get in your head like a bullet straight to your brain/
spit nasty and hardcore like taking your dame/
and busting a fat one in her face with no shame/
you can watch me blow, I put the flame to propane/
fuck blazing a trail - incinerate the whole game/
I leave subwoofers blown and the radio slain/
so I can get the last word like Horatio Caine/