- VERSE -Emcees act like they don’t know/no more than wanting to get that dough/they’re not interested in evolving their flow/so they don’t grow/KRS, knowledge reigns supreme/and sense that makes to me/I’m like Yoda using the force on this mic ... basically/back to school on these rappers that’s mishandling the mic/and I ain’t hating on everybody, some of these bammaz alright/but it just seems to me they’re lacking the passion to write/and if you’re willing to hear me out - for you I have some advice/try to remember why you picked up the pen and paper to start with/anybody can write a rap but that don’t make you an artist/if you’re not trying to see the light, staying complacent in darkness/hesitating to spread them wings and elevate above all this/realize that beats, rhymes and life will live forever/and you can teach the kids to beef or unify and stick together/it’s up to you to build bridges or build walls and fences/cuz the struggle never stops and class is always in session- VERSE -Komplex : coming soon - VERSE - D.N.A. : coming soon- VERSE -Emcees act like they don’t got no kinda respect for their ancestors/it ain’t about the flow, it ain’t about who rap better it ain’t about the money, ain’t about the records sold/or your crew - that “tough guy” act, it’s getting old/you’re ego-trippin’ left and right, demonstrating your pompousness/so disconnected with the collective consciousness/you’re not a wordsmith, you’re just a hip-hoppa/bitin’ everyone from Pac to Big Poppa/bitin’ everybody you think can make you a star/you  trying to be somebody else, you need to stay who you are/see, if you do you and prove true - the people respond/and before you know it - BOOM! …they’ll be singing along/you gotta take take what you learn and flip the script in your own way/I ain’t even all that, maybe my lyrics are okay/just do the best with what you got and master your flow/take it from a Hiphop scholar, better act like you know/- VERSE -Sino Kadafi : coming soon
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