1. Parts Unknown

From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -I come from parts unknown, same story, different version/dwelling in a black cave until the new shit emerges/then I get ghost on you fools like a missing person/cuz fame is just I curse, I don't behave like Mr. Perfect/I train by spittin' verses/though some days it isn't worth it/fully capable to work it/while you hate & misinterpret/and only a few see the full frame of the mission's purpose/by brain's intricate working/buck-n-change when I spit these verses/a plain ol' vicious wordsmith/I take my work serious/create & birth lyrics/even hatin' jerks feel it/it's inevidable, man - success attracts haters/they can't wait to write a diss song, intent to stack paper/watch the friends full-time, cuz friends attack later/cut your throat while you sleep, man - it ends up that way some.../...times and watch who you trust/even if you threw 'em love/eatin' up your food & stuff/you need to just remove them chumps- VERSE -Despite recent maturity, I'm sure to be provoked/but nope, can't be a dope/won't push the envelope/instead just make a note/get a pen and let it stroke/when beat and rhyme elope/I see a sign of hope/don't need a line of coke/to envoke a a holy ghost/you blokes are scoliosis/I smoke you crooked folk/I'm ghost, I stroll below/radar show me - NO!/patrol with Shinobi cloak/sneak past the goalie post/a thug - the bravest clown/enroll in a rodeo/ no joke, ya just a hoax/full of shit, cornholio/I cripple competition/my flow is polio/ya fragile composition/breaks-fast like Toasty O's/you drones, just play a role/and you know that "Homie don't..."/sock you in the dome/disown your microphone/- VERSE -- VERSE -- VERSE -