1. We Keep On

From the recording The Device : DNR MixTape vol.2


- VERSE -My style is propietery, dietary plan/is to fry up every man that opposes/I see 'em all in binary, saionara to insanitary/garbage emcees all across the planetary/sweet and rich like Cantibury Eggs, my vocabulary/packed with various, hilarious remarks/I'm nefarious for carryin' you marks/like a chariot, hover like the (Harrier)/then break the sound barrier/legendary like a Larry, leave you hanging by a larriat/I bury you like your name was subterrainian/alien, mamalian evolving daily neosapien/cranium creating enough rhymes to fill a stadium/daily rythym is circadian/either chillin' with my lady or/my main men dawg, we spread the mania/night-breed, performing up in Transylvania/- HOOK -We keep on smashing these rhymes/hoping our people get past the street life/- VERSE -Gemini 'til I die-I/6-9, and I always been a fly guy/S.O.C. Mob in my heart, thinkin' Qua-Live/know the names 'cause it's where a nigga started/Eric (rock), and don't forget Jeff Waugh/Randolph, and I'll always love FlaVA/that includes Jamaal, Big Carter/special shot to my Man Lance Johnson/c'mon Man, call Allen Mama/get back my nigga, fuck Georgia/VA where to stay, and you know that/M-a-x-well be my Godson/livin' reasons bein' why the hell I'm rhyming/love Margarita B. forever/god damn it I'm'a always have Cancer/never full-blown, so it doesn't matter/what does is I gotta go at the/powers that be in a geek fashion/meaning I be smarter than average/as I keep patience all up in the balance/and I link passion with the action/meant for spit-spattin'/Roll up on these boys that dare they keep casting/Stones at my bones like I was Mick Jagger/magazine these niggaz without the talk gats of/- HOOK -We keep on smashing these rhymes/hoping our people get past the street life/- VERSE -Everyday I contemplate about how I gotta dominate/the industry to me is shifty as Nixon is to Watergate/call it fate that I'm raw as rape/and it's hard as slate to see me/on the mic I'm Tim Hardaway/cuz I cross and break easy/these informer niggaz can hardly wait to call the jakes/and get us all locked away/you rotten snake/ see the problem ain't/as simple as black and white, it's more like red and blue/these crooked cops be comin' with cuffs and countless clips to let 'em loose/stand up to the system - you might be serving time for tellin' truth/you know they wanna make us members of the life sentence crew/"serving and protecting" who?, disrespectin' dudes/their mentality is "y'all just better do/what we tell u to!", 2 hell with you/I'm tryin' to set an example for my peepz/tryin' to make that cash up in the streets/gettin' harassed by these police/they wanna see us killing each other, doin' dirt y'all/but is it worth all/the lives you're destroying to buy your first car?/comin' up is hard, everybody knows that life ain't easy yo/but I'd rather sell beats & flows, inspire you & see you grow/than kill my own kind as a street pharmacist and live/having problems with my Wiz/puttin' that karma on my kids/- HOOK -We keep on smashing these rhymes/hoping our people get past the street life/