1. What Ya Heard

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- VERSE -Be patient in every situation/Embrace people of different persuasions/Spend occassions gainin' information/In preperation for the final destination/Lack of determination leads to termination/Constant cultivation 'til ya culmination/Show toleration, respect for every nation/All the different races in all thier variations/If we stand alone, we're bound by limitations/Intimidations poised for elimination/But if we stand united, its a liberation/Make repirations for future generations/Thru dedication, hard work and perspiration/Lets put the emphasis back on education/Physical fittness, and peaceful meditation/Moral renovation, soul rejuvenation/In these dark times - shed illumination/Use imagination to find jubilation/And intelligence to juke the federation/Never slowin' up, boost acceleration/Wisdom trickles down thru dissemination/Music transcends any segregation/All you institutions promoting seperation/In the eyes of God seek exoneration/Its sick man, world wide abominations/Greedy rich fucks bent on domination/Terrified of face to face confrontation/Threatened by logical conversation/I love my human race, that's my motivation/Passion and wisdom, OHHH what a combination/Family ties provide me accommodations/  spread the word of Buddah thru the population/Submerge in deep though, compute the computation/Passionate love excite me to copulation/Characteristics subjected to evaluation/To all the broken hearts, I send my salutations/Dance inside my charismatic gravitation/If you got heart n' soul - raise the palpitation/To all, my best wishes, its a celebration/Kinetic brain waves raise the oscilations/Create a loving aura dense in radiation/Emense in radius! WHAT!/The world is shady as fuck!/I don't know what ya heard about me/That I dabble in some wicked wizardry/That I'm broke n' stuck in mysery/What a pitty...cuz y'all don't know me/I don't know what ya heard about me/But trust only what ya eye can see/That I beef with my family/It's obvious...y'all don't know me/