From the recording Shadow Of A Doubt

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You can’t bust the bust the bubble of a bubble buster with no bubble to bust.
You bums better believe it. Bonez is back. Let’s begin.

Y’all bustin’ y’all butts, workin’ 9 to 5 hustling’ at night to pay yo rent/
making no dollars makes no sense, gotta get and stay focused/
if you haven’t cleaned up your room and you don’t know what to do/
welcome to the club - boo hoo! Pity party over - time to move/
don’t nobody give a fuck about ‘cha feelings, everybody got ups and downs/
listen while i”m spitting to the rhythm, pimp smackin’ these drums around/
turn that frown upside down - What’s this man up to now?/
same thing we do every night Pinky, so what’s up - are you down?/
Animaniac on the mic and when I write so I might just go ham/
and like a slow dance, Waltz my way into your program - oh yeah/
then do the same thing to your whole fam, smooth talk like romance/
been doin’ this too legit since way before Eminem wrote Stan/
and you can ask your mama all about my “pen” stroke (…she knows I write deep…)/
givin’ good “testimony” as the “words” coming out of her strep throat/
I’m from the days of the dozens when we used to Joan and tell the best jokes/
now these snowflakes want freedom of speech for them and for you to get ghost/

Bruce Lee (from ‘Enter The Dragon’):
“What was that? An exhebition? We need emotional content. Try again.”

Like a kid running with scissors in his hand, you won’t find any giving of a damn/
thought of quittin’ many times, but decides that bullshit isn’t in the plan/
cooking’ like some chicken in a pan, plant based - no killin’ if I can/
and I prefer listeners to fans, sick of Instagram/
and we’ll survive this Coronavirus, spittin’ rhymes with perfect timing/
and I could say my life’s all good, but I might just be lying/
see, these likes got us blinded - we’re so desperate for attention/
it’s all “me, me me” like we’ve never known respect or affection/
what’s wrong with us? we can’t even shit without holding phones/
seems like a problem that I’m afraid we just won’t outgrow/
unless we start owning it, and get up on our grown up shit/
cuz while you sit around and hold your dick, lookin’ out of shape and motionless/
I’ll grow and spit flows so sick Doctor Strange go “oh shit!”/
(…oh no he didn’t…) …you wish, cuz oh no he did/
and don’t forget, it isn’t over ’til it’s over - gotta move forward kids/
no matter what yo dream, it ain’t gonna happen by chance - better go for it/

Bruce Lee (from “Enter The Dragon”):
“I said emotional content, not anger. Now try again. With me!”

These long dark nights never really end, but then again - eyes to the east/
friends will come, and friends will go, we gotta just keep riding the beat/
the band keeps playing on even as this here Titanic sink/
gotta keep cool even if you feel like panicking/
man, I think everyday about the ones who helped a brother get this far/
y’all the reasons why this here guy got this here repertoire/
shout out to my bigger brother and my sister, Mom & Pop I miss you/
and my niece and my nephews - Tio Bonez sends hugs and a kiss too/
my godsons - I love y’all, team Graddy forever and a day/
gotta keep smiling even though some hurts never go away/
2 Men-E what’s good bro? Is it salteña Sunday yet?/
What up Bob? What up Jade? What up Miskut? How about one day let’s…/
…get 2gether one mo’ ‘gain, you know for y’all my door is open/
and even though I always keep a Joker up my sleeve, I’m dead ass no joking/
and without further ado, here I present to you/
‘Shadow Of A Doubt’ - I hope you’re ready for what u ‘bout to get yourself into/
…thank you and let’s go!/