From the recording Shadow Of A Doubt

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Money isn’t what you want and I’ll prove it too/
You really only want the things money do for you/
You can’t eat it, drink it, it don’t keep you warm/
You can’t stack it around you and build a decent home/
We don’t need reform from any politicians/
who make plants illegal for you to rot in prison/
The thing about the system that you gotta see/
is that it’s no longer relevant, it’s obsolete/
We need a brand new vision for the way that we live/
Gotta change the world before our babies get big/
so they don’t feel a hundred and twenty degrees in the summer/
we can put the guns down and scream “PEACE” if we wanna/
I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck/
This madhouse - I’ve tried but I can’t escape it/
I don’t blame anybody, it’s the same disease/
we’re all plagued by money and insane with greed/
At least we’re trained to be, it’s indoctrination/
The elite bent on worldwide domination/
We shouldn’t have to go to war and die for our nations/
while the only benefits go to corporations/
We can do much better, you can read about it/
Resource-Based Economy, The Venus Project/
Perpetual debt… where’s the bleepin’ logic?/
I dream about shouting’ “Peace, I’m out this…”/
Gonna bring you all with me if I ever get there/
You can have abundance and access to healthcare/
No more slave wages, it’s got to go!/
Tryin’ to feed our kids is almost impossible/
We all want the same things, we’re just tryin’ to live/
You don’t want the whole pie, just a slice of it/
So I’m-a strike a match and get right, ya dig?/
And I wish that you all could feel as nice as this/

Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK:
"Can I have a hug? Oh, that was beautiful... beautiful."